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Some of the 'kidnapped' children.

Children were kidnapped by the military.

Many of the children were brainwashed.

Many of the generals involved in the kidnapping were trained at Fort Bragg and Fort Benning in the USA. (Masters of Terror)

General Zacky Anwar Makarim, who had ten East Timorese children at his house.

With the approval of President Ford and Henry Kissinger, Indonesian invaded East Timor in 1975.

Indonesia's General Zacky Anwar Makarim was in East Timor in 1999, running murderous militias.

East Timor, which has huge oil reserves off its coast, was occupied by Indonesia from 1975-1999

Between 1975 and 1999, thousands of children from East Timor were kidnapped and secretly taken to Indonesia.

Some of the East Timorese girls taken to Indonesia

General Zacky Anwar Makarim had up to 10 of these Timorese children living at his house.

They were not sent to school.

One of the children, Hercules Rozario Marcal, became a notorious gang leader in Jakarta.

Hercules, the gangster, reportedly worked closely with the Indonesian military.

East Timorese Presisent Horta (left). Alfredo Reinado (right) (Website for this image)

One of the general's children was Alfredo Reinado, who wept as he was forcibly removed from his mother in East Timor in 1978.

He became became a military officer, working for Indonesia.

East Timor became independent after a vote in 1999, massacres by Indonesian militias, and the eventual arrival of Australian troops. Website for this image

In 2008, after East Timor became independent, Alfredo Reinado was shot dead during an attempted assassination of East Timor's President Jose Ramos-Horta.

"REBEL leader Alfredo Reinado was shot dead at least 30 minutes before East Timor's President Jose Ramos Horta was attacked outside his house."

Presumably, Alfredo Reinado had been turned into a brainwashed patsy.

Some of the kidnapped Timorese children were forced to work in slave-like conditions while others grew up with the families of soldiers.

Australian academic, Helene van Klinken, has published the first detailed account of the kidnapped children.

Her new book, Making them Indonesians, is published by Monash University Publishing.

Starving Timorese, after the Indonesian invasion of their country.

Indonesian invaded East Timor in 1975, with the support of Kissinger and Ford.

That was when the genocide began and at least one third of the population of East Timor died.

At least a third of the population of East Timor died, thanks to President Ford and Henry Kissinger.

In East Timor, Indonesia's Kopassus regiment, trained by the United States, used the tactics of the US Phoenix program in South Vietnam: systematic rapes, tortures and executions.

The US government and its allies turned a blind eye to the terror in East Timor.

The USA's Admiral Blair was a friend of the killer generals.

When journalists spoke out, they were murdered and governments remained silent.

Among the journalists who died were:

The Financial Times's Sander Thoenes,

Australia's Greg Shackleton and Tony Stewart,

Britain's Brian Peters and Malcolm Rennie,

and New Zealand's Gary Cunningham.

(journalists: Western journalists murdered by Indonesian military ...).

Malcolm Rennie

After the CIA toppled Indonesia's President Suharto, in 1998, a vote was arranged for East Timor.

The Indonesian military hoped to use its militias to intimidate the East Timorese into voting to stay with Indonesia.

But the Timorese, in 1999, bravely voted for independence.

Indonesian militias then began murdering the East Timorese, and the USA and Australia turned a blind eye.

General Prabowo

American trained General Prabowo is said to be a friend of the CIA.

Domingos Guterres, from East Timor, alleges that in 1989 he was tortured for 35 days by soldiers under General Prabowo's command.

Guterres claims General Prabowo personally carried out acts of torture.

In the 1983 Kraras massacres in East Timor, about 300 people are believed to have been buried in mass graves after a series of executions that the locals say were carried out under General Prabowo. ( Torture evidence mounts against Indonesian general )

Dili, East Timor
East Timor. yeowatzup

A Catholic missionary gave an eyewitness account of a massacre, carried out by the Indonesian military, in East Timor, in 1981:

"Not even pregnant women were spared: they were cut open...

"They did what they had done to small children the previous year, grabbing them by the legs, and smashing their heads against rocks...." (Two Indonesias Two Americas)

The CIA and the Pentagon have trained Indonesia's Top Brass: Lt Gen Johny Lumintang (brought to the USA for training in 1989), Lt Gen Prabowo Subianto (trained at Fort Benning), General Panjaitan, General Kiki Syahakri....

Now the really interesting bit concerning Alfredo Reinado (brainwashed patsy) and his friendship with the Australian military.

The following is a short extract from an article by 'churchofnobody'.

SBS journo John Martinkus, an old East Timor hand and johnny-on-the-spot, investigated Reinado's uprising and found that it was complete bullshit...

Reinado... lobbed up on the TV occasionally, variously being ferried about in Australian helicopters or at his home with Australian SAS soldiers as escorts.

Australians are much given to modesty and the troops were not unreasonably shy in the media spotlight.

East Timor would appear still to be a colony.

Later when busybody Portuguese peacekeepers poked their nose in and arrested Reinado, all the Australian supervised guards went walkabout.

And so did Reinado and fifty of his fellows.

All this across the road from an Australian Army base.

The devil! And then, there he was back in Australian choppers again. Sure, why not? We declare him the Scarlet Pimpernel reborn. (

It seems that Australia is making sure that it controls East Timor and its oil and gas.


Mervyn Jenkins ('Murdered Australian spy')


Admiral Dennis Blair and Genocide

Admiral Dennis Blair 'lied' about church killings.



Assad's forces seized these weapons in Homs.

Russia says there are 15,000 foreign "terrorists" in Syria

According to Russia, Syria's President Assad is battling al Qaeda-backed "terrorists" including at least 15,000 foreign fighters.

Reportedly, Al Qaeda are mercenaries working for the CIA. (AL QAEDA ARE MERCENARIES, LINKED TO DRUGS / CIA'S BELHAJ ON SYRIAN BORDER)

According to Russia, the al Qaeda backed terrorists will seize towns across Syria if government troops withdraw.

Russia says the terrorists have recently committed large-scale attacks on schools and hospitals.

"Rebel groups attack, kill, torture and intimidate the civilian population. The flow of all kind of terrorists from some neighbouring countries is always increasing," says Russian ambassador Lebedev.

In 2011, a Nigerian group calling itself "al-Qaeda in the land beyond the Sahil" said it had captured Chris McManus, who worked for an Italian construction firm in Nigeria.

Did he know too much about certain activities in Nigeria?

Gary Hyde

On 19 January 2012, we read of the collapse of the trial of arms dealer Gary Hyde.

Hyde had been accused of helping to organise a shipment of arms from the UK to Nigeria.

(BBC News - Gary Hyde arms deal trial collapses)

Reportedly, Hyde regularly does business with the UK Ministry of Defence.

(British gun dealer investigated over AK-47 empire.)

Osae Brown asks: Who is sending the guns to Nigeria?

River Children
Nigeria by * Daniel *

On 2o January, it was reported that Nigeria-bound arms have been seized in Ghana. s

"In recent weeks, there have been increasing and disturbing reports of attempted importation of arms and ammunition into the country.

"Most recently, the Ghana Police Service intercepted a truckload of arms destined for Nigeria.

"The arms and ammunition were concealed in a lorry with an inscription of Coca-Cola brand name on it. In the consignment were pump action guns, AK 47 rifles, double-barrel guns and a large quantity of AA and BB cartridges.

Posing Children
Nigeria by Iris (Irene Becker)

"According to the Accra regional police command, the vehicle was intercepted following a tip-off from residents in the area that a truckload with a Nigerian number plate was heading for the Ghana-Togo border with offensive arms...

"Coming at this time that Nigeria is in the throes of its worst security problem posed by the terrorist sect, Boko Haram, the incessant reports of attempted arms importation into the country, is a present danger that should be tackled swiftly.

Nigeria by anthonyasael

"Only a day after the Nigeria-bound arms were intercepted in Ghana, a Briton, Mr. Gary Hyde, an arms dealer from Yorkshire, England, was arraigned in a London court for allegedly smuggling 80,000 guns and 32 million rounds of ammunition from China to Nigeria.

"Mr Hyde has also been fingered as the arms merchant behind the 2007 shipment of 40,000 AK 47 assault rifles, 10,000 9mm pistols into Nigeria..."


CLASSIC CIA PROPAGANDA - OMAR BIN LADEN (300,558 Pageviews for this post on Omar bin Laden)


Staff sergeant Robert Bales — the US soldier 'wrongly' accused of slaughtering 16 Afghan civilians.

Probe team: Women sexually assaulted before killing in Panjwai

"US soldiers were alleged to have sexually assaulted two female victims before they were killed in the Panjwai massacre in southern Kandahar last Sunday, a high-level Afghan probe team revealed.

"The ... Parliament delegation investigating the Kandahar shootings by US troops said besides killing 16 civilians, the soldiers sexually assaulted them.

"On the ill-fated Sunday, US troops shot 16 civilians, including nine children and three women, and injured five others when they opened fire on houses in Zangabad village, in Panjwai district.

"Some of the victims’ bodies were later set on fire.

"Shakiba Hashami, a delegation member, confirmed the vicious attack, adding about 15 to 20 American soldiers were involved in the killings and even helicopters were seen hovering the areas.

arthur zbygniew

"Hey Karzai, haven't you heard of the Phoenix programme which included the organised killing of 504 Vietnamese women and children at Mai Lai. It was official policy; not an accident."

The Pentagon organises the killings of innocent civilians.

Up to 20 US troops carried out the Kandahar-Panjwai massacre: according to a parliamentary probe

March 16, 2012

KANDAHAR CITY (PAN): A parliamentary probe team on Thursday said up to 20 American troops were involved in Sunday’s killing of 16 civilians in southern Kandahar province...

The team spent two days in the province, interviewing the bereaved families, tribal elders, survivors and collecting evidences at the site in Panjwai district.

Hamizai Lali told Pajhwok Afghan News their investigation showed there were 15 to 20 American soldiers, who executed the brutal killings.

"We closely examined the site of the incident, talked to the families who lost their beloved ones, the injured people and tribal elders," he said.

He added the attack lasted one hour involving two groups of American soldiers in the middle of the night on Sunday.

"The villages are one and a half kilometre from the American military base. We are convinced that one soldier cannot kill so many people in two villages within one hour at the same time, and the 16 civilians, most of them children and women, have been killed by the two groups."

The Panjwai shooting spree (or Kandahar massacre) occurred in the early morning of Sunday, 11 March 2012, when sixteen civilians (comprising nine children, four men, and three women) were killed and five wounded in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

The CIA's Operation Gladio in Europe

Where have we seen mysterious armed gangs shooting innocent people?

1. The Norway Attacks, allegedly involving Breivik.

1. Belgium, at the time of Operation Gladio.

2. Mumbai, after David Headley had been at work.

3. Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, in recent times.



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On 20 february 2012, we learn from the Bangkok Post that the people who did the Thailand Bombing were 'Anti-Iran Exiles'.

(Bomb suspects 'were anti-Iran exiles')

"Four Iranians suspected of involvement in a botched bomb plot ... in Bangkok were members of an exiled Iranian opposition group which wanted the incident to reflect badly on Tehran....

"The four belonged to the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organisation - known as MEK."


MEK helped the CIA and MI6 topple the Shah in 1979. (Exiles.)

"It is widely known within intelligence circles that the Israelis use the MEK for varied acts of espionage and terror", according to Richard Silverstein - (Source)

Scott Ritter has described how MEK, working exclusively for the CIA's Directorate of Operations, is carrying out remote bombings in Iran. (Website)