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Cuba had its 'revolution', but it was the CIA that put Castro into power.

Cuba did not really become 'free'.

Rafi Eitan, the Israeli spymaster, "is Castro's business partner and the largest land-owner (of stolen land) in Cuba. "Israel is ... one of the leading foreign investors in Cuba, with private Jewish businessmen involving themselves in everything from Cuban citrus exports to real-estate projects." interview by HaaretzHow Zionist Pirates Hijacked America. Castro is a Sephardic Jew.

What about the Bay of Pigs invasion?

It was made to fail.

What about Operation Northwoods?

It was vetoed.

The Cuban Missile Crisis may have been a psy-op.

"My assertion that the presence of Soviet strategic missiles and their nuclear warheads in Cuba in 1962 is yet to be proved, is not a speculative, unsubstantiated hypothesis, but an incontrovertible fact... 

"The Cuban missile crisis was just a small PSYOP - part of a larger PSYOP called the Cold War - whose purpose was to scare the American people into accepting the militarization of the American life."

The following is from: Fidel Castro Supermole

"In 1961 the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee issued a study entitled 'Communist Threat to the U.S. Through the Caribbean.'

"The study features the testimonies of some senior U.S. government officers who firmly believe that Castro could not have been brought to power in Cuba without the continued assistance of the U.S. State Department.

Castro was educated at the privately funded, Jesuit-run Dolores School in Santiago.[24][25][26] In 1945 he transferred to the more prestigious Jesuit-run El Colegio de Belén in Havana.[1][27] Castro is a Billionaire According to FORBES MAGAZINE. As a young man Fidel actually joined the Partido Ortodoxo, an anti-communist political party. Splendor Amid Poverty

"The subject came up again in the course of a press conference held by President Kennedy on January 24, 1962.

"President Kennedy was asked about the security risks involving State Department employee William A. Wieland, who had helped Castro come to power according to three American ex-ambassadors in testimony before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee...

"The impetuous fashion in which President Kennedy denied that Wieland was a security risk was, in Soviet eyes, further evidence that he was not what he seemed to be...

"There is also good reason to believe that, during his fight against Batista, Castro received support from Wieland when Wieland was the head of the Caribbean Desk in the U.S. State Department.

"Something that attracted the attention of the Soviets was the American haste to recognize Castro's government after Batista's escape on January 1, 1959.

"This haste was not only surprising to the Soviets, but also to some American diplomats...

"In January 7, 1979, just six days after former President Batista fled from Cuba and one day before Fidel Castro arrived in Havana, the U.S. officially recognized the Castro government...

"In his well read column Drew Pearson revealed, on May 23, 1961, that persistent rumors in the diplomatic corps indicated that the CIA had been helping to put Castro in power for years.

"The rumors had further stated that the CIA agents, in their efforts to get rid of President Batista, had supplied arms and ammunitions to Castro during his guerrilla war in the mountains...

"When he was in the Sierra Maestra fighting Batista's troops, Castro received some weapons delivered by the International Armaments Corporation, the company that sent weapons to Guatemala, under the CIA's orders, to overthrow Jacobo Arbenz's government, and also because the Company was organized by Samuel Cummings, a former CIA operative...

"Also, there is evidence, that between October 1957 and the middle of 1958, the CIA gave no less than fifty thousand dollars to Castro's men in Santiago de Cuba.

"On February 24, 1957, the New York Times published the first of a series of three articles written by its correspondent Herbert L. Matthews, who had interviewed Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra mountains in eastern Cuba.

"He depicted Castro as a liberal and a folk hero-a Latin American Robin Hood crusading against evil.

"Matthews' articles gave Fidel instant international publicity.

"One of Fidel's closest followers, Armando Hart, commenting about the coverage and the high impact of Matthews articles, told Mario Llerena, the M-26-7 public relations man in the U.S., that both Matthews and the New York Times could be considered practically in their pockets.

"Knowing of the connections between the CIA and the New York Times, the Soviet intelligence analysts were understandably uneasy...

At first we thought Erdogan was one of the good guys. We were wrong.

"On February 4, 1958, Look published an extensive interview with Castro.

"On February 25, 1958, the Times continued giving coverage to Castro and published an interview with the Cuban leader conducted by its correspondent Homer Bigart...

Santiago de Cuba
Cuba. By palomonte "Cubans today have a pretty low per capita income compared with other Latin American nations. They have fewer television sets, telephones, computers and cars relative to their population than most Latin American countries, and the lowest percentage of people with access to the Internet in the region, even below Haiti. And while Cuba does well in literacy and infant mortality indicators, it does lousy in others. Cuba has one of the highest suicide rates in the Americas." After 50 years, Cuba has little to show.

Read more here:
"CBS broadcasted a special program by Taber and Hoffman entitled The Story of Cuba's Jungle Fighters...

"As 1958 advanced ... in the United States both the government and the press were becoming more and more favorably disposed towards Fidel Castro and his men.

"Thanks mainly to the selling of Fidel Castro by the American media, people all over the world were being conditioned to see Fidel's guerrillas of the Sierra Maestra as legendary liberators of an oppressed people...

"Thus, Castro's road to power was conveniently paved by the American government and media...

Nasser - CIA asset.

"U. S. Ambassador Smith commented that, during his mission in Havana, the pro-Castro leanings of the CIA station chief at the embassy was so evident...

"Testifying before the Senate Internal Security Committee on August 30, 1960, Smith affirmed that the chief of the CIA section in the American Embassy in Havana was pro-Castro, and that the number 2 CIA man in the embassy encouraged a revolt of Cuban navy officers against Batista in September, 1957.

"Ambassador Smith went further and accused the United States government, i.e. certain members of the Congress, the CIA, the State Department, as well as some segments of the press, of being directly responsible for Castro coming to power. 'Castro never won a military victory,' declared Smith...

Ayatollah Khomeini - asset of MI6 and the CIA

"In October, 1957, one of three young American navy men who had joined Fidel that summer, was designated to go back to the U.S. in a propaganda mission on Castro's behalf.

"The American entered the U.S. through the U.S. naval base at Guantánamo, with the full approval of American authorities, and received considerable publicity in the U.S. media.

"During his visit to the United States in April, 1959, Fidel received a lot of coverage in the American media.

"What the media barely mentioned, however, was that Castro visited the headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, where he spoke on Cuba and the United States.

"Nor did the media cover Castro's meeting of over an hour with a friendly, persuasive, and fluently Spanish-speaking representative of the CIA...

Noriega - CIA asset.

"One thing that seemed very suspicious to Soviet intelligence were the sudden American efforts to prove that Castro was a Communist.

"The Americans, who before Castro took power denied he was a Communist, now had changed their minds...

"According to the information the KGB had gathered, Fidel Castro never joined the Cuban communist party, nor any of the Communist front organizations. He was not a crypto-Communist, nor was he ever recruited by the Soviet intelligence services...

Castro's work for the CIA : Fidel Castro Supermole

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Cleveland Street had a gay brothel.

In the USA, children from orphanages were "flown around the United States by top Republican officials in order to engage in child sex orgies with America's ruling elite."


In the UK, boys from children's homes have reportedly been sexually abused by 4 top people in the Conservative Party.

Reportedly, a number of children's homes were used as child brothels.

Gay brothels "were ten a penny in the Victorian era."

The clientèle of the gay brothel on London's Cleveland Street reportedly included the heir to the throne, plus a Duke and an Earl.

The Cleveland Street Scandal, Rent Boys.

"Memoirs and letters of the period are full of affairs with such boys; Wilde's boyfriend Lord Alfred Douglas practically specialized in collecting telegraph boys, and many of his friends followed suit...

"Soldiers made very good prostitutes... The Horse Guards, barracked near Hyde Park, were the most famous unit participating in this trade.

"One could hardly move among certain densely wooded areas of Hyde Park for soliciting Guardsmen...their their hands."

The Gay Underworld of Late-Victorian London.

Reportedly, one of Margaret Thatcher's top cabinet ministers sexually abused children from a children's home.

"At least 16 lads from these homes died in tragic or unexplained circumstances, several after revealing abuse. 

"I vividly remember ringing the tribunal and asking if it would be investigating these deaths.

"A very self-satisfied functionary told me it would not be and, when I angrily asked why not, he replied with an almost visible smirk: 'Well, if they're dead they can't give evidence, can they?'"

Eileen Fairweather: Journalist who helped expose the ... - Daily Mirror

Website for this image. Project MK-ULTRA involved hiring prostitutes to pick up johns and return them to a CIA safe house

"A top minister in Margaret Thatcher’s government has become the latest senior Tory to be accused of child abuse.

"Labour MP Tom Watson has revealed he has been contacted with accusations about 'a former Cabinet minister who regularly abused boys'.

"Mr Watson refused to disclose the identity of the alleged paedophile who is believed to be a Tory who served in Lady Thatcher's front bench team.

"The bombshell claim means there are now allegations that four senior Conservatives ... were child abusers."

Tom Watson MP: A top minister in Margaret Thatcher's ... - Daily Mirror

Victor Rothschild

"Edward Heath was a great admirer of Victor Rothschild and in 1970 he appointed him head of the government's Central Policy Review Staff.

"It was later claimed that Rothschild persuaded Heath to appoint Michael Hanley as Director General of MI5 in 1972.

"Later Margaret Thatcher appointed Rothschild as her unofficial security adviser."

Victor Rothschild : Biography

Director General of MI5 

1972–1979: Sir Michael Hanley
1979–1981: Sir Howard Smith
1981–1985: Sir John Jones
1985–1988: Sir Antony Duff
1988–1992: Sir Patrick Walker

Bryn Estyn children's home - 'used as a brothel', 1974-1990

"Scallywag Magazine alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats to Bryn Estyn and other children's homes in North Wales, give them boys to 'play' with, and secretly film them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys, and then keep the tapes as evidence. 

" Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring 'have met suspicious deaths'."


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'Training facility in the USA', identical to the 'bin Laden' compound.

The alleged bin Laden shooting, on 1 May 2011, looks entirely fake.

Allegedly, in North Carolina, the CIA had a 'Bin Laden raid' training facility with the exact same layout as the Pakistan compound.

Satellite maps reportedly reveal a structure in the USA identical to bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. on 9 October 2012 published the satellite images.

Warning: this could be an attempt to hide the real truth.

'Bin Laden' compound in Pakistan.

The pictures, from, show 'the site' in North Carolina, near the CIA's Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity facility in Perquimans County.

On Google Maps, there is no trace of the building, which was allegedly demolished.

The bin Laden compound in Pakistan was demolished.

The 'Osama bin Laden compound' in the Pakistan town of Abbottabad had a special design.

Reportedly, it is a design used by the US military.

Reportedly, the US military use this design for constructing secret and safe homes for top officers in dangerous zones.

(Did Dawood's construction firm build 'Osama's' Abbottabad home? / Did Dawood's construction firm build 'Osama's' Abbottabad home ...)

From Google.

Who built the 'Osama compound' in Pakistan?

"Highly placed sources in Indian intelligence" reveal that the contract to build such homes in Pakistan has been given to Safari Construction."

Safari Construction is reportedly owned by Dawood Ibrahim.

(Did Dawood's construction firm build Osama's Abbottabad home?

Reportedly, Dawood Ibrahim is an asset of the CIA.

The 'Osama House' was well known to the CIA.

The 'OSAMA HOUSE' was raided in 2009

Matt Bissonnette

Matt Bissonnette's No Easy Day, which we assume was written by the CIA, revealed that the CIA training facility was located somewhere in North Carolina

Two TV sets, digital satellite decoder, computer, calculator with printer.

"Electricity bills seen by The Sunday Times show that the compound used hardly any power, just enough for lights and a small television "

Talk of who betrayed Osama bin Laden sparks a harem scuffle

FAKE photo of bin laden in his compound.


The 'Osama' compound in Pakistan. NOTE: no satellite dish.

The copy of the 'Osama' house in Bagram, Afghanistan? Note the satellite dish.

In April 2011, the US military reportedly made a full scale replica of the 'Obama compound'. (Full-Scale Replica.)

"They replicated the one-acre compound at Camp Alpha, a segregated section of Bagram Air Base." (the Atlantic

Bin Laden reportedly worked for the CIA and died many years before the raid on the compound in Pakistan.

More fakery.

Osama bin Laden Compound Raid Mock-up










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It appears that the consulate was not guarded by American Marines

The US ambassador Christopher Stevens' body was dragged through Benghazi streets

Website for this image

Of course, there will be suspicions about this event. (aangirfan: GADDAFI IS ALIVE; NOT DEAD)

Was he lynched? Was he killed by pro-Gaddafi forces? Is he really dead?

Who gains?

Was the attack designed to help Romney?

“Innocence of Muslims” Psyop is About Crushing Libya’s Growing Green Revolution - by willyloman

Various photos claiming to be of 'the ambassador' have emerged.

US ambassador killed in Benghazi, Libya at Libya S.O.S.

Did the USA deliberately not protect its embassy in Cairo?

"No less than 2000 protesters ... are at the American embassy in Cairo... the once fortress embassy had a complete absence of security..."

9/11 in Cairo : The Conquest of the Flag at Egyptian Chronicles

Too easy attack on the US embassy in Cairo, 11 September 2012

"I do not understand how it was so easy for those protesters who stormed the embassy;  the embassy is more of a military base with tons of marines inside it;  it is very suspicious by all measures.

"For two weeks Security forces beat the crap out of the protesters at the Syrian embassy literaly and some of them are facing trial now."

Stevens.  'We came, we saw, he died'

"Rocket-propelled grenades were fired at the consulate from a nearby farm" and "an armed mob attacked and set fire to the building".

"A Libyan official said" the ambassador and three other staff were killed "when gunmen fired rockets at the ambassador's car" as he tried to escape.

False Flag? September Surprise?

A film made by an Israeli filmmaker, Sam Bacile, has led to the death of the US ambassador to Libya, according to Al Jazeera.
A group calling themselves the 'Islamic law supporters' carried out the attack in response to the release of an amateur film seen as offensive to Prophet Muhammad, Al Jazeera reported.

The film is promoted by Morris Sadek, an extreme anti-Muslim Egyptian Christian campaigner who lives in California.

"Speaking by phone to the Associated Press from an undisclosed location, writer and director Bacile remained defiant, maintaining his stance on Islam as 'a cancer' and that he intended his film to be a provocative political statement."

Al-Jazeera has some more details.

Who wants a clash of civilisations?
On 11 September 2012, Egyptian protesters climbed the walls of the US embassy in Cairo, tore down the American flag and burnt it.

They were protesting against an anti-Islamic film.

"Although it was not clear which film prompted the protests, Egypt’s al-Azhar mosque, a seat of Sunni learning, condemned on Tuesday a symbolic 'trial' of the Prophet organised by a US group including Terry Jones, a Christian pastor who triggered riots in Afghanistan in 2010 by threatening to burn the Koran.

"According to the Standupamericanow website, Mr Jones and others were due to take part in an event on Tuesday called 'International judge Mohammed day' in Florida. It was to be carried live on the internet."

Protest in Cairo, 11 September 2012 - CIA masks.

"According to some sources, including a Jihadist Facebook, the attack on the ambassador was actually to avenge the murder of Abu Yahia al-Libi, an al-Qaeda/CIA connected Libyan." (US embassies in North Africa)

"Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on 11 September 2012 confirmed the death of his deputy Abu Yahya al-Libi in a drone strike in Pakistan’s tribal region of Waziristan on June 4", U.S. monitoring agency SITE and IntelCenter said.

It used to be the rogue state of Israel that was involved in a clash with liberals and democrats in the West.

Why was there a clash?

1. The Israelis had used terror to drive the Arabs off their land.

2. Some of the Israelis were religious fundamentalists with 'weird, outdated beliefs'.

But, certain clever people in the USA have managed to change the story.

Now the clash is supposed to be between the 'mad Moslems' on the one side and the western liberals and democrats on the other.

Israel has managed to stir a clash between Moslems and the West.

The 'Clash of Civilisations' seems to be a project linked to various recent events - attacks in Nigeria, attacks in Norway, attacks in India, attacks in Belgium, attacks in Indonesia...

The project seems to be the work of a pro-Zionist faction within the CIA-Mossad-NATO.

'CIA assets' wearing Guy Fawkes masks pose for a photo during the protest in Cairo, Egypt, Sept. 11, 2012. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

There has been speculation Israel wants to make the Moslem world look bad, so that it can be more easily controlled and exploited.

Much of the world's oil lies in Moslem lands.

How do you make Moslems look bad?

You can finance the extremists and help them into power.

You can carry out false flag operations.

    2 days ago – The CIA and its friends are said to be the planners of the Arab Spring and the attempt to bring about a Clash of Civilisations. Tunisians on the ...
    10 Jan 2012 – The 'Clash of Civilisations' seems to be a project linked to various recent events - attacks in Nigeria, attacks in Norway, attacks in India, attacks ...
    5 days ago – In this essay Lewis invented the phrase "clash of civilizations", which got mentioned in the book by Samuel Huntington.[13] The phrase "clash of ...
    29 Aug 2011 – CLASH OF CIVILISATIONS IN INDONESIA. Indonesians. One after another, the moderate Moslem countries are being attacked. If you believe a ...

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Anas Al-Libi was a top Al-Qaeda commander who lived in Manchester in the UK from 1995-2000.

Manchester is reportedly a centre of the Al-Qaeda affiliated LIFG ( Libyan Islamic Fighting Group).

(Source: Al-Harati in Manchester « The Flower Throwers)

Bin Laden was an Arsenel supporter. He wanted to target Manchester United playersWebsite 

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), currently commanding the brigades fighting Assad in Syria, is designated an Al Qaeda affiliate by the United Nations. (Land Destroyer.)

Mahdi Al-Harati, of the LIFG, lived at one time in Manchester.

(Al-Harati in Manchester « The Flower Throwers)

Al-Harati (centre); Paul Conroy, allegedly of MI6, (left); Belhaj, linked to al Qaeda, (right).

According to The Sunday World Mahdi Al-Harati says that representatives of an American intelligence agency gave him a significant amount of money.

Al-Harati is a 'close confederate' of Abdel-Hakim Belhaj.

Spains Prime Minister at the time of the Madrid Train bombings Jose Maria Aznar revealed in December 2011 on CNBC that Belhaj was a “well known jihadist” and “was one of the suspects involved in the Madrid train bombing of March 2004.”

(Source: Madhi Al-Harati Irish Rebel « The Flower Throwers)

(Land Destroyer: UN Designates "Free Syrian Army" Affiliates as Al Qaeda.)

So, the CIA and MI6 use Manchester as a base for their al-Qaeda mercenaries?


In the mid 1990s, Osama bin Laden lived in London, at a house near Harrow Road in Wembley.

(UK Secret Intelligence Service (MI6))

London is the home of MI6, which 'halted a bid to arrest bin Laden'

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Former US Joint Chiefs of Staff

The Denver shootings and 9 11 are linked to Gladio, which is run by our secret government.

In 1963  Kennedy was assassinated and five months later the Italian socialists were forced out of office by a right-wing coup orchestrated by the CIA and Gladio units. (Operation Gladio at WikiSpooks)

Felice Casson is the Italian magistrate who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, the murderous terrorist operation run by the CIA, and NATO, beginning in the 1950s.

Gladio is used to remove presidents and prime ministers.


Casson's Gladio investigation began in 1984, and soon resulted in the arrest of over 600 people, police officers, members of the military, businesspeople, members of the press, jurists, politicians and mafia members.

Casson speaks against political pressure on ... - Today's Zaman

More can be found about Judge Felice Casson  and Operation Gladio at WikiSpooks

Casson discovered that a series of terrorist bombings in Italy, blamed on the Red Brigades, were the work of Italy's military secret service.

Bologna railway station. The Guardian produced the headline: ‘Bombs Used at Bologna came from NATO unit’.

The worst of the bombings, at Bologna railway station in 1980, killed 85 people.

Vincenzo Vinciguerra was one of those arrested.

During his trial, Vincenzo Vinciguerra revealed that Gladio aimed to get people scared so they would turn to the government for protection.

This is known as the ‘strategy of tension’.

Vincenzo Vinciguerra claimed during his trial:

‘You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public to turn to the State to ask for greater security.’

In a BBC documentary Gladio, he described the aim as to ‘destabilise in order to stabilise’… ‘To create tension within the country to promote conservative, reactionary social and political tendencies.’

Bin Laden and al Qaeda are part of the CIA's secret government.

In 1990 Judge Casson was given permission by Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti to search the archives of the Italian military secret service Servizio informazioni sicurezza Militare (SISMI) where he found proof of the existence of the Gladio network, and links to NATO and the United States.

Following this, on 3 August 1990 prime minister Andreotti confirmed to parliament the existence of the Gladio networks. Andreotti admitted the Gladio connection to NATO.

The secret Gladio army, as Andreotti revealed, was well armed. The equipment provided by the CIA was buried in 139 hiding spots across the country in forests, meadows and even under churches and cemeteries.


In 2000, in Italy, a parliamentary commission investigating Gladio concluded:

‘Those massacres, those bombs, those military actions had been organised or promoted or supported by men inside Italian state institutions and, as has been discovered more recently, by men linked to the structures of United States intelligence.’

Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou confirmed there had been a Gladio network in Greece.

Members of the SS were recruited to Gladio.

In Germany a TV programme shocked the nation by revealing how former members of Hitler’s Special Forces SS had been part of a German 'stay-behind network' working for Gladio.

The Belgian Parliament appointed a special committee to investigate the existence - confirmed by the defence minister - of a Belgian Gladio network.

The Belgian parliamentarians discovered that the secret NATO army was still active.

Reportedly, the Dutroux network supplied children to top NATO people in Belgium.

They found that a secret meeting of Generals directing the secret stay-behind armies in the numerous countries in Western Europe had been held in the secret NATO-linked Gladio headquarters on October 23 and 24, 1990.

The meeting of the Allied Clandestine Committee had taken place in Brussels under the chairmanship of General Raymond Van Calster, chief of the Belgian military secret service SGR (Service General de Renseignement).

Andreotti claimed the French had taken part in the recent meeting in Brussels.

In Portugal, a retired general confirmed there had been such a network in Portugal.

In Spain, former defence minister Alberto Oliart claimed that 'here Gladio was the government'.

Ecevit (left) "Ecevit had better keep his fucking mouth shut!"

In Turkey former prime minister Bulent Ecevit admitted that a secret army had been involved in torture, massacres, assassinations and coup d’etats.

This prompted the serving defence minister Giray to retort "Ecevit had better keep his fucking mouth shut!"

In all, 12 EU countries, and the CIA, were affected and on November 22 1990 the European Parliament debated the issue.

The tone was set by Greek parliamentarian Ephremidis:

'Mr. President, the Gladio system has operated for four decades under various names.

The fascist Greek Colonels put into power by the CIA and Gladio in 1967.

"It has operated clandestinely, and we are entitled to attribute to it all the destabilization, all the provocation and all the terrorism that have occurred in our countries over these four decades, and to say that, actively or passively, it must have had an involvement.'

Ephremidis sharply criticised the entire Gladio stay-behind network: 'The fact that it was set up by the CIA and NATO which, while purporting to defend democracy were actually undermining it and using it for their own nefarious purposes.'

Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. SHAPE controlled Gladio.

The EU parliament stated that it 'Protests vigorously at the assumption by certain US military personnel at SHAPE and in NATO of the right to encourage the establishment in Europe of a clandestine intelligence and operation network.'

Only Belgium, Italy and Switzerland investigated their secret armies with a parliamentary commission, producing a lengthy and detailed public report.


According to the Portuguese press, NATO secretary General Manfred Woerner confirmed that the military command of SHAPE coordinated the activities of the Gladio Network.

He also confirmed that Gladio had been set up by the secret services in various countries of NATO, through a committee created in 1952.

The German press confirmed that the so-called Secret Armies were co-ordinated in a special secure wing of NATO HQ.

Access was via a bank vault type door and papers were circulated with the stamp ‘American Eyes Only.’

The revelations began to mount and a picture emerged of a NATO Clandestine Planning Committee (CPC), responsible for the Gladio armies; of protocols which actively protected right-wing extremists from pursuit since they would be useful in anti-Communist activities.

Website for this image

The CPC was run by the US with the UK and France as junior partners, with CIA members present at their meetings.

Countries with their own stay-behind armies included Italy, Belgium, France, Holland, Spain, Greece, Turkey...

Belgium's Baron De Bonvoisin is said to be connected to fascist groups, to the CIA-NATO's Operation Gladio, and to the Brabant Massacres (Nijvel Gang,) which killed 28 people in Belgium. (Benoit de Bonvoisin - Wikipedia) In the Dutroux child murder case, one of the people reportedly named by witnesses was Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin. (THE DARK CORNERS OF LIFE DUTROUX_NOTES)

Two former Royal Marine officers admitted to having spent time at Fort Monckton near Portsmouth where MI6 and members of the SAS trained foreign gladiators.

The British press observed that 'it is now clear that the elite Special Air Service regiment (SAS) was up to its neck in the NATO scheme, and functioned, with MI6, as a training arm for guerrilla warfare and sabotage'.

Specifically the British press confirmed that 'an Italian stay-behind unit trained in Britain. The evidence now suggests that it lasted well into the 1980s', adding 'it has been proved that the SAS constructed the secret hides where arms were stockpiled in the British sector of West Germany'.

Cattelan. The British knew more about the secret Swiss army than the Swiss government, for 'The activities of P26, its codes, and the name of the leader of the group, Efrem Cattelan, were known to British intelligence, but the Swiss government was kept in the dark, according to the report.

Some of the best data on the secret British hand came from the Swiss parliamentary investigation into the secret Swiss stay-behind army P26.

'British secret services collaborated closely with an armed, undercover Swiss organisation [P26] through a series of covert agreements which formed part of a west European network of "resistance" groups', the press informed a stunned public in neutral Switzerland.

Swiss judge Cornu was given the task to investigate the matter and in his report 'describes the group's [P26] collaboration with British secret services as "intense", with Britain providing valuable know-how.

P26 cadres participated regularly in training exercises in Britain, the report says. British advisers - possibly from the SAS - visited secret training establishments in Switzerland.'

Gladio member Alois Hurlimann, a Swiss, reported that in May 1984 he had taken part in secret trainings in England which had also included a real, non-simulated assault on an IRA arms depot, in which Hurlimann, fully dressed in battle fatigues, had participated, and in which at least one IRA activist had been killed.

The CIA used Gladio to keep the 'right' people in power.

In 1963  Kennedy was assassinated and five months later the Italian socialists were forced out of office by a right-wing coup orchestrated by the CIA and Gladio units.

Code-named 'Piano Solo' the coup was directed by General Giovanni De Lorenzo.

In close cooperation with CIA secret warfare expert Vernon Walters, William Harvey, chief of the CIA station in Rome, and Renzo Rocca, Director of the Gladio units within the military secret service SID, De Lorenzo escalated the secret war.

Vernon Walters

Rocca first used his secret Gladio army to bomb the offices of the DCI and the offices of a few daily newspapers and thereafter blamed the terror on the left in order to discredit both Communists and Socialists...

The Gladiators equipped with proscription lists naming several hundred persons had the explicit order to track down designated Socialists and Communists, arrest and deport them to the island of Sardinia where the secret Gladio centre was to serve as a prison.

Then, on June 14, 1964, De Lorenzo gave the go-ahead 71and with his troops entered Rome with tanks, armoured personnel carriers, jeeps and grenade launchers while NATO forces staged a large military manoeuvre in the area to intimidate the Italian government.

A second CIA-backed right-wing coup, code-named Tora-Tora,, was planned for December 1970 but was called off at the last minute. Reportedly, the phone call that aborted it came from President Nixon himself.

As a consequence, the Left continued to gain ground in Italy. Foreign secretary Aldo Moro together with president Giovanni Leone flew to the US but were told by Kissinger that on no account should the Left be included in government.

Aldo Moro’s wife Eleonora later testified that the words used to her husband were, "You must abandon your policy of bringing all the political forces in your country into direct collaboration. Either you give this up or you will pay dearly for it.'"

Subsequently Moro was kidnapped and murdered.

The Senate commission investigating Gladio and the terrorist bombings suspected the CIA and the Italian military secret service to have organised the abduction and murder of Moro.

Italian Senators concluded in June 2000 that 'those massacres, those bombs, those military actions had been organized or promoted or supported by men inside Italian state institutions and, as has been discovered more recently, by men linked to the structures of United States intelligence.'

Nato's Secret Armies - Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe
Document:Strategy of Tension: The Case of Italy - A reproduction of a page from Executive Intelligence Review by Claudio Celani dated 2011-07-02
CIA - A paper by Daniele Ganser
Operation Gladio - A paper by David Guyatt
Document:1980 Massacre in Bologna - An article by Thierry Meyssan dated 6 July 2005
Operation Gladio - Wikipedia Page
$100,000,000 to Crack A Lone Nut? - Radio show with an interview with Daniele Ganser on Operation Gladio