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Netanyau meets Omar Suleiman, head of Egyptian Inteligence on 4 November 2010 in Tel Aviv.

According to official papers from 1980, British diplomats feared Israel would use nuclear weapons against its Arab neighbours. (British feared Israel would nuke Arabs: archives)

Egypt is one of Israel's Arab neighbours.

The USA sees Egypt as vital to its interests.

According to the powerful US Council on Foreign Relations (Egypt - Council on Foreign Relations):

"The Suez Canal remains critical to the security of the Persian Gulf and its vast energy reserves, as well as to global trade.

"Egypt also maintains the region's largest and most powerful Arab military."

It seems that Obama would like to topple Egypt's President Mubarak, and replace him with someone more reliable.

The Pentagon wants the Egyptian military to help advance the US-Israeli agenda.

But the Egyptian military sees Israel as the enemy.

And Egypt has resisted sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. (US frustrated with Egypt military)


Israel would like to topple Mubarak, it seems.

Israel and Egypt have many ties.

13% of the Israeli army's civilian workforce are Egyptians. (Egypt and Israel, a souring relationship?)

Early in 2010, Egypt and Israel made a gas deal allowing Israel to buy the gas at prices lower than its market value.

However, more recently Egypt's Irrigation Minister dismissed the possibility that Egypt would supply Israel with water from the Nile. (Egypt and Israel, a souring relationship?)

On 20 December 2010 (ISRAEL DESTABILISING EGYPT) we learnt that Egypt arrested members of an Israeli spy ring within its borders.

Egypt claims the spies kidnapped foreign nationals.

Reportedly, the aim is to destabilize security in the Sinai.

Emad Gad, an expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, says: "Despite Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt, Egypt remains Israel's primary threat in the region.

"Israel sees Egypt as its main obstacle to regional dominance."

George Galloway, alleged disinformation agent, has been attacking Mubarak.

On 1 January 2011, we read that a group calling itself Al-Qaeda may be responsible for the seven dead and 24 injured in an attack on a church in Egypt


Israel attacked Egypt in 1967.

Israel claimed that it attacked because Nasser had placed troops in part of Egypt called the Sinai.

The CIA's assessment was that Egypt's military presence in the Sinai was defensive. (Israel's attack on Egypt in June '67 was not 'preemptive' FPJ)

Gamal Mubarak (left) and Omar Suleiman

Who might replace Mubarak?

Some unknown military figure could emerge.

Or spy chief Omar Suleiman could take power in some kind of coup.

Suleiman was trained at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School and Center at Fort Bragg, in the 1980s. (Egypt's Next Strongman Foreign Policy)

Suleiman continues to have close contacts with US intelligence and military officials.

On Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, Suleiman is receiving support. (Egypt's Next Strongman Foreign Policy)

Sounds spooky.



Materi, who feeds chickens to his tiger. Pasha eats four live chickens a day. (Africa ...)

Obama seems to be preparing a coup.

On 24 December 2010, an important Washington think tank (Institute for Policy Studiesa) had an article about a possible change of regime in Tunisia (Foreign Policy In Focus.):

"It would do Tunisians, even (Tunisian President) Ben Ali, well to recall how many US allies different American administrations have discarded…

"The list is long and I will only mention a few: the Diem regime in the 1960s, Noriega of Panama... Marcos of the Philippines...

"Did the (US) ambassador 'decide' that Sakhi Materi 'should' replace his uncle Ben Ali…"

Sakhr El Materi, chairman of the Tunisia-US Parliamentary Friendship Group, is a top businessman and politician. (this page)

In October 2010, Materi had talks with top Americans in the Pentagon and the State Department.

In July 2009 the US ambassador visited Materi's home (Tunisia: Dinner With Sakher El Materi - TuniLeaks)

"The Ambassador raised economic liberalization, noting the importance of opening up to franchising. El Materi agreed, noting that he would be pleased to assist McDonald’s to enter Tunisia, suggesting they begin at the new cruise port in La Goulette."

The CIA may think Materi is too controversial a figure to be Tunisia's leader?

According to a certain blogger (Tunisia's Udau Hussein - Instablogs):

Materi "feigns piousness, but is a phony (I once saw him going out to party with two girls and a friend; his wife wasn’t there; and he was driving a Bentley).

"How did he afford such a car? Using his new connections to acquire state funds and companies.

"He recently bought a +$1 million home in Montreal. The home operates as a gateway house in case Ben Ali dies and a new political order takes place that would rightfully prosecute him and the Trabelsis and the Ben Alis for their theft."

Read more:

On 31 December 2010, we read that "A Tunisian protester has died of his injuries after police shot him in the town of Menzel Bouzaiene...

"Mohamed Ammari, a Tunisian teenager, had been killed by police bullets the same day..." (Another Tunisian protester dies)

When the CIA decides to topple a president, it uses its assets within that president's police and military.

In the run up to the CIA's toppling of Indonesia's President Suharto in 1998, certain members of the military shot and killed some important students.

The objective was to undermine Suharto. (STAGED BY SPOOKS.)

Suharto, perhaps like Tunisia's Ben Ali, was seen as getting too old, seen as not giving enough contracts to the USA, and seen as not being sufficiently subservient to Washington and Tel Aviv.

President Ben Ali, who is to be toppled by the CIA and Mossad? A few weeks ago, BEN ALI REITERATED HIS SOLIDARITY WITH THE PALESTINIANS. In 2000, Ben Ali decided to break all diplomatic ties with Israel. Wikileaks, the voice of the CIA and Mossad, tells us that the Ben Ali family is a "Quasi Mafia"s

Is the CIA planning a coup in Tunisia?

Tunisia is one of the most prosperous of Arab countries, and one of the best educated.

Tunisia has been successful at creating an industrial-base; for example, it has an Airbus plant, a textile industry and the manufacture of car parts.

Perhaps the CIA and Mossad would prefer a more backward Tunisia, run by the CIA's Moslem Brotherhood.

On 30 December 2010, we read that Police have opened fire as protests spread in Tunisia

People are said to be unhappy about relatively high levels of unemployment among youth and about the government of the aging President, Ben Ali.

Tunisia is a success story compared to its neighbours.

Demonstrations have been reported in Kairouan, Sousse, and elsewhere.

In Kairouan, police clashed with demonstrators, leaving a number of people injured.

In Tunis, lawyers demonstrated 'in support of the protesters'.

The CIA and Mossad appear, through Wikileaks, to have expressed their wish to topple Tunisia's president, Ben Ali.

Wikileaks published a US government cable which described Tunisia as a 'police state', and, not sufficiently friendly to the USA.

Tunisia's tourism industry is said to be suffering from stiff competition from Israel. (LOL)

So, we have people power demonstrations, perhaps organised by friends of the CIA?

Expect to be told by the mainstream media that Ben Ali is horribly corrupt and has to go.

Synagogue entrance through which fuel tanker truck drove. From Flickr, El-Ghriba Synagogue. Author upyernoz

Reportedly, the CIA runs a secret prison near Bizerte, 65km north of Tunis, in Tunisia. (CIA facility in Tunisia?)

Back in 2002, Mossad and its friends took an interest in Djerba, in Tunisia, where Jews, Muslims and Christians normally live in harmony.

In 2002, in Tunisia, the Djerba bombing took place.

According to the official version, Nizar Nauar (Nawar), a native of Tunisia, drove a fuel tanker up to a synagogue.

The fuel tanker then exploded.

Nizar may have been a patsy. Nizar's brother, Walid, was jailed for 12 years for 'having supplied Nizar with false papers and a satellite telephone'.

Of course, no Jews were killed.


The bombing caused no real damage to the synagogue or its holy books.

Perez Trabelsi, head of Djerba’s large Jewish community, had left the synagogue for coffee just before the blast.

The people who died were 14 German tourists, five Tunisians and two French nationals.

The bombing was blamed on al-Qaeda, which is believed to be part of the CIA.


In 2003, Christian Ganczarski, who prosecutors believe had links to al-Qaeda, was arrested in connection with the bombing.

He has now been given a long prison sentence by a Paris court for his alleged part in the bombing. (Two jailed over Tunisia bombing)

Is Christian a double agent or a patsy?

Christian was born in Poland to devout Catholic parents. He moved to Germany. Reportedly he became "one of bin Laden's personal couriers."

The alleged financier of the Djerba bombing is a Spanish Catholic called Enrique Cerda Ibanez.

The Djerba bombing was on 11 April 2002.

The New York attack was on 11 September 2001.

The Madrid bombings were on 11 March 2004.

The number 11 is seen by some numerologists to signify "Israel."

Israel has attacked Tunisia in the past.

In 1985, Israel bombed the PLO headquarters in Tunis. - Mossad

In 1988 a small fleet of Israeli Sa'ar 4 Fast Missile Boats arrived in the waters just off the coast of Tunis. The Palestinian Abu Jihad, Arafat's deputy, living in the exclusive Sidi Bou Said suburb of Tunis, was then murdered byIsraeli special forces. - Tunis Raid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Djerba's chief rabbi, Haiem Maddar, has said that Jews in Djerba have more in common with their fellow Tunisians than they do with the Europeans, Russians and Americans who control Israel today.

Before 1948, Jews and Arabs coexisted together for centuries in Palestine. Now everyone in the world helps fuel the conflict so they can sell weapons to both sides, the rabbi complained. -(Tunisian Jews Enjoy Religious Tolerance and Peace in Djerba)


Scores hurt in Algeria protests



Why has Denmark become involved in terrorism?

In December 2010 we learn that Danish police have foiled a terror plot.

And the plotters may be linked to the American agent David Headley (Five held for plotting attack on Danish paper)

Headley is accused of traveling to Denmark to scout the building of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, the newspaper which printed cartoons showing Muhammad as a terrorist. ("In alleged terror plot, a troubling twist"

Headley claimed he worked for the CIA. (HEADLEY INTRODUCED HIMSELF AS A CIA AGENT- aangirfan)

The editor of Jyllands-Posten is Flemming Rose.

Flemming Rose is reported to be a Ukrainian-born Jew who is working for Mossad. (Flemming Rose - A Ukrainian Jew Working for Mossad? - Radio Islam)

In March 2010, we learnt that Herbert Pundik, a top Danish journalist, worked for Mossad. (Respected Danish journalist admits 'I was a Mossad agent'.


Denmark's spy boss is Jakob Scharf.

Reportedly he has Jewish connections. (Website)

According to former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky's book, By Way of Deception:

"The relationship between the Mossad and Danish intelligence is so intimate as to be indecent."

Anders Rasmussen, formerly prime minister of Denmark and currently boss of NATO, has strongly supported Neocon policies.

Rasmussen is a Bilderberger.

Craig Murray wrote of Rasmussen (NATO Appoints a Vicious Liar as Secretary General):

"An enthusiastic follower of George Bush, like his friend Tony Blair he told outright lies to the Danish people about the existence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

"He also lied about the content of secret intelligence reports the Danes had on Iraqi WMD...

"A very brave and honourable man, Major Frank Grevil, stepped forward to tell the Danish people that Rasmussen had lied about the content of intelligence reports.

"Rasmussen did not show his famed support for freedom of speech in the case of Major Frank Grevil, who was jailed for telling the Danish people the truth..."

Denmark is in trouble.

History shows that there are plenty of Moslems willing to work for the CIA and Mossad, in return for money or sex or drugs.

It is not difficult to recruit Moslems as 'terrorists'.



Miss Nigeria Tomi John

In 2010, Christmas Eve bombs, and attacks on churches, killed at least 86 people in Nigeria.

A mad 'Islamist' group called Boko Haram claims it did the bombings. (Boko Haram? Reuters)

Boko Haram says it supports the CIA's al Qaeda.

Before he was 'killed', Mohammed Yusuf was leader of Boko Haram.

Analysts say he was very wealthy and highly educated. (BBC - Nigeria's 'Taliban' enigma)

"He is graduate educated and very proficient in English," said Nigerian academic Hussain Zakaria.

"He lives lavishly - people say he drives a Mercedes Benz. And he is very well-educated in a Western context."

Did he receive money and help from the CIA and its friends in Saudi, Israeli and Indian intelligence?

The aim of the CIA and its friends may be to keep Nigeria weak, divided and easy to exploit; and to frustrate the Chinese and Russians in Nigeria.

The Moslem and Christian leaders in Nigeria want peace.

They blame political forces for stirring up conflict (Jos bombing: Politicians 'fuel Nigeria unrest')

The CIA is active in Nigeria. (NIGERIA'S UNDERWEAR MAN?)

'CIA asset' General Ibrahim Babangida, the man the CIA reportedly wants as Nigeria's president.

THIS is what we wrote in October 2010:

Nigeria would be a success story, if it was not for the CIA and other trouble makers.

Nigeria is being helped by high oil prices, a lot of foreign investment and the gradual liberalisation of its economy.

But, certain people may be stirring up trouble.

There appears to be a war going on for Nigeria's oil.

Car bombs in Lagos. (AFP)

There have been talks between Nigeria and a Chinese oil company.

China hopes to grab certain oil blocks from western energy groups, Shell, Chevron, Total and ExxonMobil.

Goodluck Jonathan, now Nigeria's president, shakes hands with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in Abuja, capital of Nigeria, 8 January 2010.

If the Chinese state-controlled oil company's bids are accepted this will double China’s oil reserves in Africa. (China seeks a sixth of Nigeria's oil reserves - Telegraph / China's oil talks with Nigeria: the unanswered questions FT ...)

Obama Senior. On 17 August 2010, at voltairenet, Wayne Madsen "documented the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and CIA-affiliated operations in Kenya." (OBAMA'S FATHER AND THE CIA )

On 1 October 2010, Bombs rattled Independence day in Nigeria

The car bomb explosions killed eight people in Lagos, Nigeria's capital.

Former President, General Ibrahim Babangida, allegedly a CIA asset, was the only past Nigerian leader absent at the Independence Day ceremony. (IBB, Atiku absent at celebration)

UK VIPs pulled out ahead of the deadly Nigeria parade. "The Queen's representative was due to attend but did not. Ex-PM Gordon Brown cancelled his visit to the country."

The Duke of Gloucester did not attend.

MEND, Nigeria's Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, Nigeria's biggest rebel militia, reportedly warned it had planted bombs.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was quoted by AFP news agency as saying: "It has nothing to do with Mend."

MEND wants a greater share of oil revenues to go to the impoverished Niger Delta, home to Africa's biggest oil and gas industry.

Reportedly, MEND has struck at off-shore oil installations.

In 2009, an amnesty was agreed with rebels in the Delta.

MEND may have been infiltrated by a certain group.

Allegedly, in Nigeria, the CIA is "positioning Ibrahim B. Babangida to return to power." (CIA Agents & Nigeria.)

Orji Kalu, linked to a mysterious death. He may be Babangida's running mate.

The CIA may want Ibrahim Babangida standing as the presidential candidate and Orji Uzor Kalu as his running mate.

General Ibrahim Babangida ruled Nigeria from his coup against Muhammadu Buhari in 1985 until his departure in 1993.

Allegedly, Babangida is a CIA asset.

"The CIA cut a deal with Babangida, where Nigeria was used as a major drug transit and money laundering center for the proceeds of the CIA drug trade." (CIA Agents & Nigeria.)

Orji Uzor Kalu was a candidate for President of Nigeria in the April 2007 general election. [1]

(Maryland police cleared Orji Uzor Kalu of involvement in the death of a woman, Chinwe Masi at his residence in Maryland, USA.)

"Reports say, Kalu drives into CIA Virginia Headquarters freely, with little on no clearance required of him as expected of visitors at CIA headquarters; sources told RR that only CIA agents and its operatives can have such access in that CIA Virginia facility, others pointed that Orji Uzor Kalu is in proximity to CIA Virgina headquarters, ‘he is their boy’ another commentator who spoke on condition of anonymity added." (CIA Agents & Nigeria.)

Reportedly, Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian 'underwear bomber', bound for Detroit, was doing the work of the CIA and Mossad.

According to the writer at CIA Agents & Nigeria. :

Former dictator Ibrahim Babangida and Kalu may be CIA operatives (Moshood Abiola too) who assisted the US, with drug trafficking.

The CIA may want Ibrahim Babangida standing as the presidential candidate and Orji Uzor Kalu as his running mate.

Reportedly, the CIA did not want Chinwe Masi's mysterious death in Kalu’s Mansion to become a distraction to the “CIA Nigeria Roadmap”.

If Nigeria becomes balkanised (broken up along tribal lines) by 2015 or earlier as predicted by the CIA, the US will use its AFRICOM to protect the oil-wells.

In 1986, the Time Magazine reported that during the Reagan administration, the U.S had the elite commando unit, the SEALS, dispatched to several different countries for covert activities.

This unit was in Nigeria in August 1985, during the week that Babangida overthrew Muhammadu Buhari.

General Buhari

After the coup, the CIA cut a deal with Babangida, where Nigeria was used as a major drug transit and money laundering center for the proceeds of the CIA drug trade.

The phony or rogue bank, BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) was used to launder the proceeds of the drug business and take them out of the country.

Babangida’s loot left the country through this bank. Remember that branches of this bank were everywhere in Lagos and the North.

Journalist Dele Giwa stumbled on this information about drugs and was about to break the news when, in 1986, he was killed by a mail bomb.

Dele Giwa

Toward the end of 1986, or 1987, Babangida was given a “Strategic” award, by the Heritage Foundation.

There was an explosion of drug activities during Babangida’s regime.

It was during Babangida’s regime that most of the wealth was looted.

"Monumental kleptocrat and notorious dictator" General Sani Abacha, President of Nigeria from 1993 to 1998. He was trained at the Defence Officers cadet Training College in Aldershot, England.

Abacha and Abiola may have been killed with the assistance of the CIA.

The only leader that Nigerian people ever elected was Abiola.

Moshood Abiola (1937 – 1998) ran for the presidency in 1993, and won, but remained President-Elect till his death, as he was denied his mandate when the election results were annulled by the preceding military president Ibrahim Babangida.

Nigeria needs the likes of Nuhu Ribadus, Gani Fawhinmis, Tai Solarins, Mohammed Buharis and Babatunde Idiagbons.

Most of Nigeria's problems, especially the Niger Delta, can be traced back to LONDON AND WASHINGTON, through their multinational corporations.

aangirfan: China and Israel in Nigeria.


Abu Saif, Abu Sumayyah and Abu Bosher on an MI5 outing? Abu Sumayyah is a 'Muslim convert'. All three were arrested in Stoke-on-Trent two years ago. They were arrested again in December 2010. ('Christmas bomb plotters were radicalised in jail' - Telegraph)

The USA's top spy guy doesn't appear to know what's going on.

Presumably, spying has been outsourced to:

Saudi Arabia,
Dawood Ibrahim's Mob,
and super-secret Gladio-style groups.


On 23 December 2010, we learn that US spy chief James Clapper "was kept in dark" about the latest London 'terror' plot.

Obama's intelligence chief ignorant of U.K. terror arrests
Former psychic spy chief Clapper kept in dark about London terror plot
After Early Administration Denials, Director of National Intelligence Admits ...

ABC News's Diane Sawyer asked James Clapper, the USA's Director of National Intelligence, about the arrest of the twelve terror suspects in the UK.

Clapper "responded with stunned silence".

National Security Advisor John Brennan later admitted that Clapper, the head of the sixteen US intelligence agencies, had not been told about the arrests.

"First of all, London," ABC's Sawyer asked. "How serious is it? Any implication that it was coming here? ... Director Clapper?"

"London?" Clapper said after a pause.

On 20 December 2010, British police detained 12 'suspected terrorists' as a result of INTERPOL warnings of possible Christmas bomb attacks.

The suspects, mainly from Bangladesh, were detained in London, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Stoke on Trent.

Interpol had issued a bulletin claiming that it "received information... from the Interpol office in Baghdad about possible threats, especially in the U.S. and Europe, due to orders given to al-Qaeda (CIA) cells by al-Qaeda (CIA) commanders."

How might the security services recruit 'false flag terrorists'?

Three of the men arrested in Cardiff had previously been convicted of theft and drugs offences.

In prison they might make ideal recruits as double agents and patsies?

The UK's MI6 chief, Sir John Sawers. Does he know what is going on?

The Mail on Sunday revealed how Sir John Sawers, head of Britain's spy service MI6, 'left himself open to a security breach' when his wife published photos on Facebook.

On 26th July 2009, the Mail on Sunday had a story about the eagle-eyed MI6 spooks who can't even spell Mail Online

It seems that the MI6 website, used to attract people into a career in spying for Britain, is 'awash with basic errors'.

On the MI6 site, an administration officer called Jennifer writes:

'For the past two years I have been working on WMD export controls within the Counter profileration department...

'As I do not have the technical background this job has been challenging...'

'Although aministration forms the bulk of this job, I also represent SIS at Whitehall meetings.'
(the eagle-eyed MI6 spooks who can't even spell Mail Online)

We assume that MI6 employs toffs who are amiable, and not very deep thinking, to be the public face of the organisation.

The Gladio-style work will be done by some super-secret organisation known only to a few insiders.

This latter organisation may employ the sort of toughs who admire Israel and the Pentagon?

Picture of Ross Priory in Scotland: Andrew Milligan/PA

When work was required around Ross Priory, "costs were kept as low as possible by enlisting the aid of the army in Scotland, specifically the Plant Troop, 69 Gurkha Field Squadron." (Ross Priory - University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)

The forests around Ross Priory are sometimes used by the military.

Ross Priory Wood recently had an explosion blamed on al Qaeda.

Ross Priory is in the Gartocharn region.

An army veteran writes:

"Why didn't the local farmers in the Gartocharn region know that there were 'interlopers' on their land?

"This area, of which I know full well, incorporates the lands of one of Scotland's most decorated Soldiers, Brigadier Pearson, and ALSO borders the grounds of a close 21 SAS friend of mine who has 'stables' nearby."

(The RHF Veterans Forum :: View topic - Strange goings On!)

The SAS are the special forces.

Ross Priory is next to Loch Lomond.

Was it a training exercise? Is the Loch Lomond forest blast linked to the spooks?

19th November 2010

An explosion on the shores of Loch Lomond is being investigated as a possible spook bomb test?

The blast, which was reported by walkers and workmen, damaged a large area of woodland on the south-west shore of the loch.

Police are believed to have found several devices at the site, which is being examined by bomb disposal officers.

Bomb experts from Scotland Yard's Terror Command have travelled to the Garadhban forest near the village of Gartocharn to study the scene.

They are investigating whether or not it might have been the site of a training camp.

The spooks are known to use remote locations to train in terror tactics.

Spooks have reportedly trained in the New Forest, near an MI6 base.

There have been claims that the Ross Priory Wood was used as a base in the run-up to the spooky attack on Glasgow airport in 2007.

Calum Murray, Strathclyde Police Chief Superintendent, said the police were looking at the possibility that the bomb was detonated by members of Al Qaeda.

The attack on Glasgow airport in 2007 was the first terror attack in Scotland since the Lockerbie bombing in 1988.

A Jeep carrying propane canisters was driven into the doors of the terminal.

Read more:

Glasgow Airport 2007

1. On 30 June 2007, there was a 'terror' attack at Glasgow Airport, in the UK.

Some of those involved in the plot may have been double agents and some may have been patsies.

2. How might a terror attack be arranged?

"A group is infiltrated and radicalized by a government informant and provocateured into attempting terror attacks."


Who, reportedly, organises the terror attacks?

"Starting from at least the 1980's, SAS and British military intelligence agents were routinely ordered to embed themselves within violent branches of the IRA and aid terrorists in carrying out attacks.

"How do we know this happened? Because one of the individuals who was ordered to do so, Kevin Fulton, blew the whistle on the fact that he was told he had the Prime Minister's blessing to aid terrorists in bomb making and political assassinations."



3. The Glasgow Airport Attack 2007 - links to the security services

A. Dr Bilal Abdulla, 29, allegedly took part in the Glasgow Airport attack.

Bilal Abdulla reportedly left a will addressed to Osama bin Laden, who is widely believed to have been an agent or asset of the CIA. (Bomb accused 'left bin Laden will')

Educated doctors would be expected to know of the close links betwen the Bush and bin Laden families and of Osama's reported stay at an American hospital just before 9 11.

(aangirfan: Bush, Bin Laden, Drugs.... / aangirfan: The bin Laden Family)

During his time in Cambridge Bilal Abdulla was reportedly linked to the radical Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahir (Cached), which is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (Cached), which reportedly is run by the CIA and MI6. (aangirfan: The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA in ... )


TERRORISM 1910 - 2010


aangirfan: The use of militant Moslems in Russia, China, India ...




Gareth Williams, who knew too much about something?

"MI6 SPY Gareth Williams helped thwart a Mumbai-style gun rampage in ­Britain just weeks before his mystery death", according to the ­UK's Sunday ­Express (terror plot hero -

Williams "uncovered the plot in a secret eavesdropping ­mission in Afghanistan.

"He played a pivotal role in intercepting phone calls from British jihadists at a training camp before matching their voice prints to those on a data bank."

Did Gareth Williams discover that the jihadists were working for the CIA and its friends?

Williams just before his death. Was he poisoned?

The police keep on changing their story about Gareth Williams, the spook found dead in his flat.

First, there were press reports about kinky sex.

The UK police then "strongly refuted suggestions that 'bondage equipment and gay paraphernalia' were found in the flat.

"'Those reports are garbage,' said a spokesman, who also dismissed suggestions that gay contact magazines were found." (Investigation into death of British spy Gareth Williams takes ...)

Gareth Williams was a UK spy "who made regular trips to the US National Security Agency."

Williams was a top-level cryptologist helping to oversee a network called Echelon, which links satellites and super-computers in Britain and the US with those of other key allies.

On 23 August 2010, the police found his body in an MI6 flat near to MI6 HQ in London. (MURDER OF SPOOK GARETH WILLIAMS: NSA; MIND CONTROL...)

Originally, the Daily Telegraph reported that Gareth Williams had been "stabbed several times."

The Telegraph then changed its story and wrote that "There were no obvious injuries on his body." (Spy Gareth Williams.)

On 22 December 2010, The Independent (UK) has a story about the Spy in the bag, the mystery couple, and MI6 bondage websites

UK Detectives now assert:

*Gareth Williams had a collection of designer dresses in his flat.

*He had bruised elbows.

* He had visited five bondage websites since last year.

*A mystery couple called at the flat in June or July.

*He was spotted in a gay bar near the MI6.

*He visited a transvestite bar in the weeks before he died.

American agent David Headley, who planned the 2008 Mumbai Attacks

On 11 November 2010, the Derby Evening Telegraph (UK) reported on David Headley's links to Derby and UK spooks.

(David Headley who helped plot the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks met two men in Derby.)

When certain Indian authorities were close to grabbing Headley, the FBI took him into safe custody. Some of the Indian spooks are said to work for the CIA and Mossad.

Headley, believed to be a CIA agent, has told 'interrogators' in the USA that he travelled to Derby in the UK in August 2010 for a meeting over a Danish plot.

Certain Indian spies were eventually allowed to interview Headley in the USA, and notes from the interview have apparently been shown to the Derby Telegraph.

According to 'secret documents seen by the Derby Telegraph', Headley was given money by the two men he met in Derby.

Reportedly MI5 "monitored" the meeting.

Headley said the Derby men were of Pakistani origin.

Headley said he was working for Ilyas Kashmiri, a Pakistani said to be working for the CIA, and said to have links to 'CIA agent' bin Laden.

He said he was told by Kashmiri to attack the offices of the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper, which printed cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, reportedly as part of a CIA-Mossad plot.

It is not known whether Headley's two contacts in Derby were interviewed by British police or arrested following the detention of Headley last October, two months after the meeting.

Derby Muslim community leader Gulfraz Nawaz said he had hoped the police would have arrested the two Derby men.

The incident is the latest in a series of terror cases that have been linked to Derby.

Omar Sharif, from the Derby area, allegedly planned a suicide bomb attack on a Tel Aviv bar in 2003 'but the explosive failed to detonate'.

Sharif's body was found in the sea two weeks later.

Community leader Nawaz said Derby may be gaining an undeserved reputation for extremism.

"These people seem to move to Derby for a couple of months. They do not seem to be born and bred in Derby," he said.

Derby-born Parviz Khan was jailed for life in February 2008 for plotting to kill a British Muslim soldier. (Derby Omar ...)

Umran Javed, of Derby, was jailed for six years for shouting pro-terrorism remarks at a protest outside London's Danish embassy in February 2007.

In August 2008, it was revealed that Mala Isa, a former Derby man gunned down in Iraq, may have had links to terrorism. (Derby Omar ...)

Photo of Omar Khayam (right) by PA

In 2006, Omar Khayam wore a suicide bomber's vest at a demo outside the Danish Embassy in London. (dailymail.5).

The demo seemed to be part of a CIA-Mossad-MI6 plot promoting the Clash of Civilisations.

Back in 2003, Khayam had been sentenced to eight years in jail for conspiracy to supply a Class A drug and possession of cocaine.

The sentence was later greatly reduced. Perhaps Khayam was recruited by a certain group?

On 25 November 2010, we learn that Khayam has again been jailed, this time for 13 years.

Khayam was part of a gang who aimed to flood the Bedford area with £2.6million worth of heroin. (Muslim fake 'fanatic' Omar Khayam jailed.)

Tiara Lestari's For Women Only
Tiara Lestari's Personal Journal


According to the Daily Mail, (20th December 2010) 18-year-old Julian Assange, while living in Australia, had an affair with a girl of 16. At the age of 17, the girl gave birth to a boy called Daniel. (see below)

'JULIAN ASSANGE IS GAY?' is the question asked by The Damien Zone (7 December 2010)

Reportedly, according to The Damien Zone (, a site that mixes comedy, news and opinion:

Hair stylist and former male escort Hermes Pillage, of Stockholm Sweden, said of Julian Assange:

"I used to dye his hair 'Gene Harlow blond' whenever he was in town.

"He liked his rent boys to be muscular and tattooed but he was cheap with money so usually he had to go with hustlers from the skating rink.

"He is still doing the Jean harlow color every now and then so maybe he’s still up to the old routine.

"I knew that he was wanted for messing around with girls but I think some of the charges are coming from young guys, but I guess we will see when he gets to Sweden to face the court."

Reportedly, "A source close to the Assange family says that they can't believe the rape charges because friends say that Julian is gay and has been openly gay to his family for years.

"He wears platinum blond hair extensions and in his teen years, up to his mid twenties, he did a Jean Harlow drag show in Brisbane’s gay night clubs."

Reportedly, Australian drag star Alice in Wonder Springs said:

"I used to play Marilyn Monroe and Julian did Jean Harlow.

"He was a fabulous drag queen but he was always mad at the world and he hated the United States because he could not get a drag show contract with Madam Chang’s famous drag restaurant and showroom in lower Manhattan.

"Nobody liked him because he was sullen and actually kind of stupid. He could not read very well and he spoke with a stutter." (JULIAN ASSANGE IS GAY? - The Damien Zone)

Hermes Pillage? Alice in Wonder Springs? Spoof?

According to the Daily Mail, (20th December 2010) 18-year-old Julian Assange, while living in Australia, had an affair with a girl of 16.

At the age of 17, the girl gave birth to a boy called Daniel.

The couple split up not long after Julian Assange was raided by the police, in 1991.

Police found passwords for the U.S. Air Force 7th Command Group in the Pentagon.

Assange "fell into a depression so severe that it led to him going in and out of a Melbourne hospital for six months".

(Was he brainwashed in hospital?)

The state waited five years before bringing Assange to trial. He was not jailed, but given a fine.

(Did he agree to work for the spooks?)

"Little is known of Assange's activities in the years that followed."

From 2003 to 2006 he studied physics and mathematics at Melbourne University.

He set up WikiLeaks in 2006.


Anonymous comments:

"We were talking about George Soros and his very vocal support for Russian Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky who was arrested in October 2003?

Well Bloomberg is running a story that says Assange has agreed to join forces with Novaya Gazeta, the Moscow newspaper controlled by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and billionaire Alexander Lebedev, in efforts to expose government corruption in Russia.

Alexander Lebedev's bank was recently raided in connection to the Khodorkovsky investigation.

As we mentioned a few days ago Lebedev is the owner of the owner of the Independent newspaper and the Evening Standard.

I always wondered why Mark Hollingsworth's report on Kevin Halligen was filled with 'inaccuracies and fabrications'.

He wrote it for the Evening Standard - owned by Lebedev.

Halligen's pal John Holmes was very much a part of the Berezovsky and Litvinenko circle.

Halligen founded SOE International with Holmes and RED Defence."

Jessie Lunderby – Public Servant to Pubic Service.


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