Friday, June 19, 2009


Reportedly, the USA is backing the Taliban within Pakistan, as a way of breaking up Pakistan.

The Sunday Times (UK), 14 June 2009, tells us that Imran Khan has warned of Pakistan’s ‘suicide’

Former cricketer Khan is the 56-year-old leader of Pakistan’s Movement for Justice party.

Among the points made by Khan:

1. In early April 2009, the Pakistan parliament passed a resolution endorsing a peace deal in Swat with the Taliban.

2. In late april 2009, Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari’s visited Washington.

The US agreed a five-year deal worth $1.5 billion (£910m) a year to Zardari's regime.

At the same time, the Pakistan military agreed to attack the Taliban in the Swat region in Pakistan.

Khan asks: "Was this operation to save the people of Swat or to get dollars from the Americans?"

3. Pakistan's military offensive against the Taliban will be suicide for Pakistan.

4. Pakistan's military operation against the Taliban has driven 2.5m people from their homes.

5. The Pakistan military has been using heavy artillery, helicopter gunships and F-16 fighter-jets in civilian areas.

6. Meanwhile all the top Taliban leadership have escaped.

7. Pakistan will never contain extremism as long as American troops remain across the border in Afghanistan.


Saturday, June 13, 2009


New York by David Shankbone

All the terror plots seem to be run by government agents.

According to a report in the New York Post, a man working for the FBI persuaded four petty thieves to form the plot to blow up synagogues and military jets.


The FBI man gave the thieves cash, gifts and drugs, according to relatives of the suspects.

Reportedly, the FBI man is Shahed Hussain, also known as Maqsood, a Pakistani native who runs hotels.

Reportedly, he has worked for the FBI since 2003 after getting into trouble in a fraud case.

Reportedly, he played a key role in another terror-related case in Albany in 2004.

Reportedly, FBI man Hussein (Maqsood) tried to turn the thieves into Moslem militants by giving them religious pamphlets, clothing and prayer rugs. But, reportedly, cash and gifts worked better.

Reportedly, one of the thieves was promised money to pay medical bills for his sick brother.

Reportedly, FBI man Hussein (Maqsood) tried to recruit people to go to Pakistan.

Muslims claim MI5 tried to blackmail them into becoming informers

aangirfan: Binyam Mohamed tortured - to turn him into a patsy?

Attorneys: Fort Dix Terror Plot Was “Planted And Nurtured”.

Underground News Centre



British fascists.

Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond books, worked for the UK security services. (Ian Fleming - the classic heterosexual?)

Reportedly, Fleming was a bit gay and a bit of a sadist.

Maxwell Knight, the model for James Bond's boss M, was a fascist.

Maxwell Knight served as Director of Intelligence of the British Fascists from 1924 to 1927.

Maxwell-Knight became Deputy Chief of Staff of the British Fascists before being recruited by MI5 in 1931. (www.telegraph.l )

In the 1930s, plenty of the members of MI5 and MI6 were fans of fascism and Hitler.

According to Admiral Sir Barry Domville, a head of Naval Intelligence, Hitler was "absolutely terrific."

Aleister Crowley, the notorious 'satanist', worked for MI5. (The Great Beast)

Reportedly, he was interested in human sacrifice. (Aliester Crowley-Human Sacrifice)

The British are experts in torture; reportedly Baha Mousa was tortured to death by the UK military.

Allegedly MI5 and its friends organised the London Tube bombings.

And allegedly they needed patsies to blame for this 'false flag' act.

Allegedly, one of the aims of the Tube Bombings was to win support for the genocides and colonial adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

On 27 May 2009, we read that a Briton has claimed MI5 asked for his torture in Bangladesh

(Outsourcing torture to foreign climes)

Jamil Rahman, who is British and from South Wales, is suing the UK Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith.

Rahman says he was arrested at gunpoint at his wife's family home in Bangladesh in 2005 after being identified by two European men.

He says he was stripped and beaten.

He says his torturers threatened to rape and murder his wife.

This forced Rahman to confess that he was the mastermind of the July 7 attacks in London.

He says he was visited by two well-spoken British security officers, Liam and Andrew.

Liam and Andrew would leave the room each time Rahman was tortured.

After "extreme pressure" had been exerted on Rahman's testicles, Andrew is said to have commented: "That's good, you've learned your lesson."

Rahman says he was visited by three men from the notorious Metropolitan Police and by an American woman called Mary.

Rahman's lawyer, Imran Khan, says he has eyewitnesses and medical evidence to back up the claims.

Britain's murderous military



Adrian Gibbs

Adrian Gibbs, an Australian virologist, believes the present swine flu disease was most likely made in a laboratory.

Swine flu expert Adrian Gibbs shock claim: Vaccine lab scientists created swine flu.

Gibbs was one of the first to analyse the genetic construction of the swine flu virus.

Gibbs believes that scientists created the H1N1 virus.

He has not ruled out other possible explanations.

He has handed over his research to state health organisations where it is being checked out by experts.

The World Health Organisation is investigating Gibbs' claim.

Swine flu may be from lab: Australian researcher Adrian Gibbs said.

Gibbs intends to publish a report suggesting the new strain may have evolved in eggs that scientists use to grow viruses and drugmakers use to make vaccines.

Gibbs said he came to his conclusion by analysing the virus's genetic blueprint.

Gibbs has studied germ evolution for four decades.

Gibbs wrote or co-authored more than 250 scientific publications on viruses during his 39-year career at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Gibbs said his analysis supports research by scientists including Richard Webby, a virologist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, who found the new strain is the product of two distinct lineages of influenza that have circulated among swine in North America and Europe for more than a decade.

In addition, his research found the rate of genetic mutation in the new virus outpaced that of the most closely related viruses found in pigs, suggesting it evolved outside of swine, Gibbs said.

Some scientists have speculated that the 1977 Russian flu, the most recent global outbreak, began when a virus escaped from a laboratory.


Who was on board the Air France flight 447 which crashed on 1 June 2009?

Soon after the crash, agents of the DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure), the French secret service, were sent to Brazil. (terror groups)

Reportedly, two passengers on the doomed Air France jet had names linked to terror groups.

"Bizarrely the full official list of dead passengers has not been released by Air France, despite it being more than a week since the plane crashed.

"Such lists are normally released within 72 hours."

We later learn that the two terror suspects in the Air France jet crash have been cleared of charges

But, who was on the passenger list?

Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva greets French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in Rio de Janeiro, in December 2008. Sarkozy was there to sign an arms deal. (Ricardo Moraes/Associated Press)

Pablo Dreyfus, a 39-year-old Argentinian, was on board the Air France flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

(Sunday Herald Key figures in global battle against illegal arms trade lost in Air France crash)

Dreyfus had worked with the Brazilian authorities to stop the flow of arms and ammunition to the drug barons in Rio.

Also on flight 447 was Dreyfus's friend Ronald Dreyer.

Dreyer, a Swiss diplomat, was co-ordinator of the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence.

He had worked with UN missions in El Salvador, Mozambique, Azerbaijan, Kosovo and Angola.

Both Dreyfus and Dreyer were consultants at the Small Arms Survey, a think tank based at Geneva's Graduate Institute of International Studies.

Dryer had helped gather the support of more than 100 countries to the cause of disarmament.

Dreyfus knew that the Brazilian arms firm CBC (Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos) had become one of the world's biggest ammunition producers.

CBC had bought Germany's Metallwerk Elisenhutte Nassau (MEN) in 2007, and Sellier & Bellot (S&B) of the Czech Republic in March.

Dreyfus and Dreyer were on their way to Geneva to present the latest edition of the Small Arms Survey handbook.

Photo from: WMD Insights

Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Brazil in December 2008.

He signed a Brazil-France agreement in the areas of defense and nuclear energy.

Brazil will build five submarines, including a nuclear one, with French technology.

France will help Brazil in the construction of six nuclear power plants in Brazil.

"Sources said an anonymous male caller phoned a downtown office of Air France in Buenos Aires, not the company's office at the airport, in the morning of May 27, and asked about the time of departure of an Air France flight. Then said 'There is a bomb on that airplane' and hung up." - For now, spies downplay French jet bomb scenario


Brazil Confirms Massive Offshore Oil Field
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