Sunday, January 11, 2009

World Vision, Greece and the CIA.

World Vision, said to be a front for the CIA, ran the refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila (above).

Does the CIA have front organisations hard at work in Greece?

ziz said...

Those interested in seeking a force behind the problems in Athens etc., look no further than World Vision

World Vision is a DC based quasi Christian CIA front with Middle East offices in Nicosia which has been running seminars, conferences ete all summer on "Empowering Youth".

World Vision video

Reporter Andrew Geoghegan visited his 14 year old sponsor child in Ethiopia.

The girl has "been part of a World Vision program all her life" yet said "until recently, I didn't know I had a sponsor."

And when asked about her knowledge of World Vision sponsorship she said "Last time they gave me this jacket and a pen."

Geoghegan was disconcerted to find that despite being "told by World Vision that [the girl] was learning English at school, and was improving... she speaks no English at all."

(Geoghegan, Andrew "Ethiopia - The Endless Famine", Foreign Correspondent, 25 November 2008, series 18, episode 22, Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

John Lennon and Mark Chapman

World Vision reportedly is a front for the CIA.

World Vision "ran the refugee camp in Sabra-Shatilla where the fascist Phalange were allowed in to kill the Palestinians...

"They ran the Cuban and Thai refugee camps in the United States.

"Mark David Chapman, who eventually shot John Lennon, worked at the Thai refugee camps out in Arkansas that World Vision operated there.

"They ran these camps brutally, forcing people into political education against Castro, refusing to feed people, beating people...

"The chairman of the board for some period was John W. Hinkley Sr.. The son worked at Fort Chafey at the Thai refugee camps.

"There were pictures of him after the Reagan shooting running in his World Vision T-shirt around the edge of the camp...

"Scott was already doing the wheeling and dealing and was tight with Neil Bush..."

Jonestown - linked to the CIA and World Vision

And what about the Jonestown Massacre and World Vision?

(Source: Jonestown Massacre by Fiona Steel, published at Court TV's Crime Library)

Allegedly “Jonestown” was part of a CIA mind-control program: the CIA infiltrated The People’s Temple, to carry out their experiments.

CIA theorists claim that Jim Jones had many questionable associations with the CIA throughout the years he was establishing The People’s Temple.

The Temple had a strong association with the World Vision organisation that many believe to be another CIA front.


"Jim Jones had a very interesting past which was overlooked by the media: Jones was ... sent to Brazil where his house, transportation and groceries were provided to him by the U.S. Embassy, and he frequently traveled to Belo Horizonte, the CIA headquarters in Brazil.

"Jones had been contacted in Ukiah by 'Christian missionaries' from World Vision (World Vision is a CIA controlled front operation), an evangelical order which had performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia." (


Unknown said...

Gee, who is the source of all these quotes about World Vision and Jonestown? Could it be the original researcher into both, John Judge? Credit where credit is due - John Judge

Unknown said...

OK, now I found two of your sources. Only one, Oil Empire credits me for my work in this area. One source is Colonel Bo Gritz, a trained Army assassin who, through right wing friends following my work in Prevailing Winds, stole it verbatim for his book, as if he has the brains to figure out Jonestown or the Kennedy assassination. That's why people plagiarize I guess, because they cannot think. The work of progressive critics and researchers is used to steal creds and buttress the lies of the right wing reactionaries. "Did you know the government lied to you about the JFK assassination" read one flyer with American flags at the top. The next line was "Did you know the government lied to you about the Holocaust?" Right. A liar has to have verisimilitude in some of what he says to be believed at all. The other source, Fiona Steel, does some of her own homework and writing, mostly from websites, and shies away from my conclusions based on clear facts she just leaves out, but she steals directly from my original work and does not even list the website. I guess she feared someone would actually read the truth about Jonestown there and realize there was not a single suicide. Nobody "drank the Kool-Aid" at Jonestown, there was none and no cyanide pathology in the bodies, either. But now it's a common phrase by supposed conspiracy theorists that those disagreeing with them have drunk "Government Kool-Aid". The official lie at Jonestown now becomes the truth to prove the government is lying to you. Right. We are rapidly becoming post-literate, post-historical, post-scientific and post-logical. Critical thinking has been reduced to "Whatever". Believe what you want. But if you want to use your brains and look at some real research and factual data about historical events, try my work at and and There are many charlatans out there with books galore telling you that the government is lying to you, but that doesn't mean they are telling you the truth. There is a whole cottage industry and religion based on disinformation and speculation surrounding the JFK assassination and 9/11. "I don't think," said Alice. "Then don't talk!" interrupted the Mad Hatter. I used to say, "There are more of us and we can think". I'm not so sure anymore, sadly - John Judge

Anon said...

Sorry about the omission.

- Aangirfan
John Judge discusses the Jonestown Massacre and MK Ultra.