Friday, September 07, 2007

Classic false flag operation: disco La Belle in Berlin?

The bombing of the disco La Belle, in West Berlin, took place on 5 April, 1986.

Two US servicemen and a Turkish woman were killed in the blast.

The Berlin disco bombing was blamed on Libya and used as an excuse for President Reagan's air attack on Libya, on 15 April 1986. At least 60 people, including many children, were killed in the bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi.

On 25 August 1998, German TV exposed apparent CIA and Mossad links to the bombing of the disco La Belle.

The German ZDF TV programme Frontal provided evidence that several of the key suspects in the 1986 Berlin disco bombing were intelligence agents working for the USA and Israel.

In 2001, a Libyan diplomat, Musbah Eter, and two Palestinians, Yasser Chraidi and Ali Chanaa, were convicted of aiding in murder, and Chanaa's former German wife, Verena Chanaa, was convicted of murder. They were given sentences of 12 to 14 years in prison.

The 1998 Frontal report claimed that:

1) The main defendant, Yasser Chraidi was being used as a scapegoat by the German and American intelligence services. At one point, a Berlin judge found the evidence against Chraidi so weak that he threatened to release him. This was when Musbah Eter entered the story.

2) At least one of the defendants, Musbah Eter, worked for the CIA.

Frontal refers to a meeting between Eter and the German authorities in Malta in September 1996.

According to Frontal:

Eter was running a business in Malta, a business which was a front organisation for the CIA; Germany wanted Eter on a murder charge; Eter agreed to incriminate Chraidi in return for immunity; Eter travelled to Germany.

However, Eter remained a defendant because he only gave limited co-operation, according to the prosecution. (BBC NEWS World Europe Flashback: The Berlin disco bombing)

According to Frontal, Eter is "the key figure in the La Belle trial"; in 1986 Eter paid regular visits to the US embassy; Eter admitted that he brought the operating instructions for the bomb to the flat of a codefendant.

3) Some of the key suspects did not appear in court, because they are being protected by Western intelligence services.

Frontal asserts that an additional group was involved in the La Belle bombing - a group of mercenaries, led by "Mahmoud" Abu Jaber. Reportedly the USA planned to use "Mahmoud" to invent a case that Libya was involved in the attack.

4) Mohammed Amairi, the right-hand man of "Mahmoud" Abu Jaber is an agent of Mossad.

According to Frontal, Mohammed Amairi "was particularly involved in the preparation of the La Belle attack."

Amairi left Germany for Norway in 1990, when a warrant was issued for his arrest. He now lives in the Norwegian town of Bergen, where Frontal found and interviewed him. He stopped the interview when he was asked what secret service he had been working for. His lawyer, Odd Drevland, finally told the story.

When Amairi moved to Norway he was arrested and branded "a danger to the country" on the front page of tabloids. But then the Israeli secret service Mossad took charge of him and "everything changed."

"Was Amairi a Mossad agent?" asked Frontal. "He was a Mossad man," answered Drevland.
In the meantime, Norway has granted asylum to Amairi and he will soon receive Norwegian citizenship. The Berlin prosecutor has lifted the warrant against him.

At the Berlin disco bomb trial, the prosecution was unable to prove that Libya's Colonel Gaddafi was behind the attack. The court blamed this failure on the "limited willingness" of the German and US governments to share intelligence. (BBC NEWS World Europe Flashback: The Berlin disco bombing) News - Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked