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The UK government's version of the events of 7/7 "will draw criticism for failing to address concerns as to why no action was taken against the bombers despite the fact that one of them, Mohammed Siddique Khan, was identified by intelligence officers months before the attack." Leak reveals story of 7/7 bombings

Daniel Hopsicker Daniel Hopsicker

Vince Foster

Drugs : Former customs officers face jail for heroin operation



Taxes fund a “blatantly illegal war“

Bird Flu And Social Darwinism

Indonesia Set to Execute Three Christian Militants

America's priorities.

Papers: Cheney Aide Says Bush OK'd Leak

Israeli Army shooting of cameraman was murder, says inquest

Mossad terror: VIEWS & OPINIONS

Bloggers must register with government... Http://,39024667,39157814,00.htm

Theologian scoffed at 9/11 conspiracy theories, then looked closer Http://

Military = Mafia?

...In a dilapidated maternity and paediatric hospital in Diwaniyah, 100 miles south of Baghdad, Zahara and Abbas, premature twins just two days old, lie desperately ill. The hospital has neither the equipment nor the drugs that could save their lives. On the other side of the world, in a federal courthouse in Virginia, US, two men - one a former CIA agent and Republican candidate for Congress, the other a former army ranger - are found guilty of fraudulently obtaining $3m (£1.7m) intended for the reconstruction of Iraq. Http://,,1734939,00.html

Somalia - United States backs the warlords?

Former Ambassador Says Vince Foster Was Murdered Http://

"DeLay Implicated In FL Gangland Casino Boat Owner Hit."Http://

Bird flu and the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews

She said there had been a catalogue of misbehaviour in the unit, with some colleagues sneaking off for sex with women on IRA-supporting estates, ignoring intelligence leads so they could stop work early, and arriving for work drunk... Mates: 'never-ending list' of Army scandals buried

Mossad blackmail of journalists

British grandmothers are 'new face of terrorism': paper
Grandmothers held under terror laws

Scientist Advocates Culling 90% Of Human Population

Bangbang, terror and massive poverty

aangirfan: Christian evangelicals and the CIA

Susan Polk; Mossad; foreknowledge of 9 11

The outing of Denis Donaldson: Britain pursues its interest Reaction to death of Denis Donaldson

Rights groups probe Papua massacre claim ... Deadly protests and sweeps in West Papua

"An enormously strategic point in both the narcotics and arms trades.".... Money doesn't talk

Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect

The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll

Pictures of naked people..,,1745489,00.html

Serious Organised Crime


London terror: dirty tricks? Laurence Lustgarten, a senior member of the watchdog investigating the Metropolitan police over the death of an innocent Brazilian has been suspended in connection with allegations of sexually inappropriate behaviour. The IPCC faces further disruption at senior levels with the resignation of its chief executive, Susan Atkins. Sex claim hits Met watchdog

US and UK forces establish 'enduring bases' in Iraq

Mossad control of Israel?

Send Oprah an Email on Nine Eleven

An Appeal from

Springtime for Atta

Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation

Award winning director, producer and actor Ed Asner is the latest high profile public figure to voice his support for Charlie Sheen's stance on 9/11 and share his own concerns about 9/11, the war in Iraq and the Neo-Cons.

9/11 -- Eliminating the Impossible

The scandal surrounding McKie has affected investigations including the Madrid train bombing, the blowing up of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie and the Michael Jackson trial, according to investigators in the U.S. and U.K. Scotland Appoints Fingerprinting Experts After Policewoman Case

Charles Taylor, the CIA and bin Laden

They have sex BEFORE they have supper... they enjoy rubbing their behinds together...Bonobos shed an exciting new light... on "the role of sex in human society and overthrow established theories of the biological inevitability of human aggressiveness and the drive for power."

"It is in fact a series of 24 mostly articulate, well-argued lectures outlining a plan for world capitalist domination, with sharp political and social analysis, lots of Machiavelli and a Marxian sophistication in its understanding of capitalism and historical processes."

MI5 knew that two British residents who were seized and secretly flown to Guantánamo Bay were carrying harmless items when it tipped off the CIA that they were in possession of bomb parts. Britain was involved in the rendition or torture of 17 of its own citizens or residents MI5 tip-off to CIA led to men's rendition

Simply put, both Zacarias Moussaoui and Richard Reid are patsies, two doltish fall guys. Two Nut Jobs and a Boeing 747

Why Moussaoui has spoken out

9 11 and Moussaoui from the xymphora archive

Stunning Zacarias Moussaoui into Submission?

Alleged Mossad plots

CIA plot to topple Thai leader?Thaksin won last year’s elections with 61% of the vote and has implemented policies designed to help the rural poor. Mr. Thaksin began a health program allowing Thais to obtain any medical treatment for just 77 cents per visit... The behavior and tactics of the Thai opposition would appear to have been copied from a CIA manual.

9 11

News Flash: The Dam is Breaking in the 9/11 Cover-Up - More Stars Go Public with Demands for 9/11 Investigation, Others to Follow

India, Mossad and 9 11

PULL IT: Sheen challenges Silverstein on WTC demolition

CNN : Sheen : Want to Know

Mr Halevy 's Mossad career is a world away from the happy childhood he enjoyed in north London. He... attended Hackney Downs School... Lord Levy, who doubles as Tony Blair's Middle East troubleshooter when not raising Labour Party loans, attended the school, and Mr Halevy has met him several times in Israel... "Tony Blair has a realistic view of the position of Israel and he has the interests of Israel at heart." The man from Mossad

Alleged Mossad plots

Oil - Nigeria - USA Big oil and the troubled waters of the Niger Delta

Israelis and Americans, the Gulf of Guinea: the next Persian Gulf

Ali Baba

7/7 survivors ‘left in dark’

Latest footage of London Bomber: More evidence of a frame up

US veterans claim they saw Iraqi civilians being murdered by US troops

Norman Kember

Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks?

Yes 83% 30,508 votes No 17% 6,090 votes Total: 36,598 votes

CNN : Sheen : Want to Know

SHEEN: Hey, call me insane, but did it sort of look like those buildings came down in a -- in a controlled demolition? ... Just show us, you know, how this particular plane pulled off these maneuvers. What was it, a 270 degree turn at 500 miles per hour, descending 7,000 feet in two and a half minutes, skimming across tree tops the last 500 meters off the ground?

American Arrested in Bolivian Bombings

Various plots

Profs Document Hijacking of U.S. Foreign Policy

Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story

Depleted Uranium In India, Spreading Worldwide

FBI weaving web in Pak to launch attack on Iran

British government terrorism?

Operation Swarmer: Designed to Foment Iraqi Civil War

Iraqi police report details of civilians' deaths at hands of U.S. troops

In 1911, the Italians bombed Libyan civilians from the air. In 1912 the French began bombing Moroccan civilians from the air. In 1913 the Spanish began bombing Moroccan villagers from the air. They later used poison gas. In 1915 the British began the aerial bombardment of Pathan villages on India’s North-West Frontier. In 1919 the British bombed Afghan civilians from the air. The British aerial bombardment of Dacca killed 600.Over 90 years of terrorist activity by western countries.

A black ops bio-weapons attack on schools and public transit, leading to the deaths of 100,000 people. Foreign patsies are framed and executed, and the government rewarded with limitless authority in exchange for the promise of security. A Post-November 5th World

Jewish conspiracy?

Simple Math demonstrate that the Official 9/11 Account is a Fabrication

Fake terror planned for Scotland? Terror team draws up plans.

MI5 'helped IRA buy bomb parts in US'

"When it comes to the real down and dirty stuff—stories like Tailwind, the October Surprise, the El Mozote massacre, corporate corruption, or CIA involvement in drug trafficking—that’s where we begin to see the limits of our freedoms. In today’s mass media environment, sadly, such stories are not even open for discussion. Back in 1938, when fascism was sweeping Europe, legendary investigative reporter George Seldes observed that “it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.”

The Plot Against Harold Wilson - what they missed out.

A family in Tikrit were murdered yesterday morning in an American raid. Eleven shot to death, including five children, one as young as seven months, before their house was blown up. Inoculations

Iraq: this is part of a pattern that reaches back to the founding of the US, and has characterized the behavior of all advanced capitalist states.

Iraq: this is part of a pattern. Part II

Iraq: this is part of a pattern. Part III

Iraq: this is part of a pattern. Part IV

The Hague were losing the case against Milosevic because he provided documented evidence of US government support of Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden... Today, Hussein fingered the hidden hand behind the staged bombings in Iraq and his microphone was immediately shut off by the judge.

The Bush administration made plans for war and for Iraq's oil before the 9/11 attacks, sparking a policy battle between neo-cons and Big Oil, BBC's Newsnight has revealed.

The Oscar Slater case reminds us of the Lockerbie bomb case and many others.

Milosovic knew too much about bin Laden and heroin? Leprosy treatment

Moussaoui: 'The final move, worthy of The Trial, is for the government to tank its own case in order that the defense of Moussaoui not raise issues of guilt that point, not at the defendant, but at the Bush Administration.'

Israel attacks Palestinian jail 'with the help of USA and UK'. aggression, British betrayal

US security contractor caught with bomb equipment in Iraq?

The arming of Iraq by the USA

More children murdered by Israel

Free Speech? Not When It Comes to State of Israel

What really happened to Yugoslavia.

The cover-up of the biggest act of terrorism in the UK

Madrid bombs and the links to the security services. Madrid Bombings: No “al-Qaeda” Involvement

Black Op Murder of Christian Activist in Iraq

Many researchers tie former President George H W Bush to the CIA as far back as the 1950s, and indicate that one of his jobs was to consolidate and coordinate the world’s biggest industry—the global narcotics trade. The Vietnam 'war’ may have been a cover for US consolidation of the 'Golden Triangle’, formerly under the control of the French... In the revealing book about the abandonment of POWs/MIAs, Kiss the Boys’ Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POWs in Vietnam, Monika Jensen-Stevenson writes: Relations between Bush and Perot had gone downhill ever since the Vice President had asked Ross Perot how his POW/MIA investigations were going. "Well, George, I go in looking for prisoners", said Perot, "but I spend all my time discovering the government has been moving drugs around the world and is involved in illegal arms deals ... I can’t get at the prisoners because of the corruption among our own people."Planet Earth As Weapon and Target

The plan was to wreck Iraq

Depleted Uranium - US Lung Cancer Rates Soar

U.N. Report: Jews are Terrorists, Not Palestinians

US control of UK police and courts? FBI ordered McKie case 'swept under carpet'

US control of UK members of parliament? The McKie case, in Scotland, was about fingerprint evidence. "It was alleged yesterday that the McKie inquiry was closed down as a result of involvement by the FBI who were concerned that question marks... would spread to the Lockerbie case... Members of the Scottish Parliament yesterday rejected by 64 votes to 51 the SNP motion, which claimed the issues in the McKie case went to the heart of public trust in the criminal justice system." Court costs ruling may open new chapter in McKie case

The International Labor Rights Fund filed a lawsuit in 2001 on behalf of 11 villagers who said Exxon's Indonesian subsidiary allowed its facilities to be used by soldiers to torture locals and to commit other human rights abuses. Exxon: Torture Suit May Set Bad Precedent

Cruel medical experiments on US children...

Two killed, four wounded in Basra shooting; some victims reportedly Britons WRH comment: 'This sounds a lot like the earlier incident where British agents were caught red-handed playing Arab bombers.'

Moussaoui, Lander, a computer, patsies 'paid by US government'

Livni the terrorist

Iraq's Hutu Radio

Allegations concerning: Diamonds, Dubai, the Russian-Israeli Mafia and bin Laden

'An American told me I was wrongfully taken and in a couple of days I'd be free. I never saw that American again and I'm still here'

A lot of people benefit economically, sociologically, politically, from a situation of conflict which begins with the producers of arms, and it ends with the people who have a hold on the decision-making apparatus in the name of national security.

MI5 feared attacks by Jewish terrorists

Acts of fake terror to be used to control Scotland's oil?

The Pakistan-Israel relationship unlikely to benefit Pakistan

Denmark centre of Mossad activity

Diana - latest

Sammara eyewitness have published accounts on various websites, like, saying US and Iraqi forces had sealed off access ways to the Shrine the night prior to the explosion.

9 11 planes swapped

MI5 links to alleged 7/7 bombers; incompetence or conspiracy?,,2087-2059046,00.html

Operation Gladio: Template for the War on Terror

A plan to “break up of the region,” including Saudi Arabia. Phantom “al-Qaeda” Attacks Saudi Oil Infrastructure

Philippines All Roads Lead Back To Cheney

Pentagon-Controlled Iraqi National Guard Implicated in Samarra Mosque Bombing

Thomas Thurman

Christian evangelical organisations as fronts for the CIA; news from Uganda.

CIA allegedly dressed up as pirates and attacked ships.

A new plot to divide Muslims

Manchester United and the plot that never was.

Report probes US custody deaths

9 11 was not the first act of terror Terror in Europe - The Stay Behind Groups run by the security services.

One Thousand A Month Tortured To Death In Iraq

I confessed to escape Guantanamo torture the Daily Mail

10-year-old boy prisoner of Guantanamo Bay -- found innocent after two years of detainment

Guantánamo actors questioned under terror act after film festival

What happened since the CIA toppled Suharto and the military consolidated its grip on power.,,1714658,00.html

The terrorist Atta can't be the same guy as the student in Hamburg.The entire operation was a combination of intelligence officers, including the American 'Atta', and hired-help patsies

Lockerbie - new forensic tests suggest evidence was planted by the CIA

McKie case linked to Lockerbie; Scottish justice controlled by the CIA? Reputation of Scottish justice in ruins?

Police to face charges in tube shooting. Allegedly evidence was faked.

CIA torture flights landed in UK

99 per cent of UK Moslems thought the London tube bombers were wrong.

A document passed to the Sunday Herald shows that the Home Office knows that at least one of the men – Fouad Lasnami – is innocent. Home Office undermined MI5 claim that freed terror suspects were guilty

"In 1998, Lindauer was making a deposition in the Lockerbie Trial that contradicted the official Libya did it! yarn, corroborating the accounts of others, such as former DIA operative Lester Coleman that it was instead all about Bekka Valley heroin and CIA drug dealing. (Coleman's book, Trail of the Octopus, can be read online with free registration here.)" Markovian Parallax Denigrate

Lockerbie Trial Document: Susan Lindauer Deposition

Lockerbie: the politics and dirty tricks

The top government prosecutor and trials that appear to be rigged.

Reportedly the CIA is still flying heroin to Europe and America

Terrorists working for the UK security services? Freed Ulster killer 'paid £50,000 to be police informer'

This BBC programme hears from a retired scientist whose job in 1966 was to drop light bulbs carrying Bacillus Globigii on the New York subway.

Pictures speak a thousand words

The only way for the United States to prolong its Iraqi adventure is to perpetuate chaos; Iraq as the new Afghanistan...The White House/Pentagon policy is... turning Iraq into Afghanistan, where warlords, religious or secular, and tribal sheikhs defend their mini-states armed to their teeth, and criminal gangs run parallel to death squads.

British/American/Israeli culture?

The Road to Guantanamo film review

Film uses real account to tell of Guantanamo ordeal

A book that is number 6 in the current affairs charts in the UK 9 11 Revealed - The Daily Mail

Theft by Israelis Israel excludes Palestinians from fertile valley

Marc Dutroux


Telegraph News UN inquiry demands immediate closure of Guantanamo

Morocco - the CIA's dustbin and the CIA's recruiting ground?

The spin from the News of the World: the British army does not have a long history of using torture?

Intel pros say Bush is lying about foiling 2002 terror attack

Twenty-Three Intel Experts Say LA Terror Plot a Sham

Islamofascists? Updated

Police had 'murder evidence'

Terrorists working for MI6?

Moslems in prison; Omar Khayam; Mohamed Atta.

USS Cole Attack Planner Escapes

John Parkes, Lockerbie, rocket propelled weapon.

Moslems unwittingly help their enemies

General Frank Kitson: Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism

Clash of civilisations - manipulation by the media.

President Bush said: "The US was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours. If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach."

Scholars on 9 11,1249,635179751,00.html

Sir David Manning ,Tony Blair’s top foreign policy advisor, meets with Deputy Sec. of State , Rich Armitage in Washington...

Reportedly, British spies working at Alliance Base, near Paris, help with extraordinary renditions.

Blair and Bush 'conspired to go to war regardless of United Nations'According to The Mail on Sunday, Blair and Bush decided to go to war regardless of whether they obtained UN backing.

Blair, Bush 'conspired' to go to war regardless of UN

Sources quoted by the News of the World allege that the IPCC report reveals that the log was altered from "it was Osman" to read instead "and it was not Osman".There is a "belief that his killing was not the result of a catalogue of errors but that there was something more malign behind this."

London Bomb survivor Danny Biddle - did he really see a bomber?Team8Plus- a specialized 9/11 research team: Forums ...

Bombs went off under the trains - eye witnesses

US plans to 'fight the net' revealed

'Mr President, I just want you to know that over here I've got a couple of hundred million dollars for you and your family if you cooperate with your Uncle Sam and our oil companies. And over here I have a man with a gun in his hand and a bullet with your name on it.',,1695280,00.html

FBI training course for a top Scottish police officer

Hamilton Bank, Ex-CIA Operatives, & 9-11 Hijackers

Alleged use of terror by the French security services

Murder of Americans. 'Three men in Indonesian military uniforms were firing at the vehicles.'Indonesian police detain eight Papuans over Freeport murders

A year after the Hacienda Luisita massacre in the Philippines--no one charged

India: twelve protestors killed in police shooting

Sweatshop-deathsquad rulersLENIN'S TOMB: Readying the Cataclysm.

Joke Straw

Bombs went off under the trains - eye witnesses

Murder of De Menezes; ITN journalist arrested over leak of the truth; murderers not yet arrested.

Iran blames Britain after bombings hit border town

Shock and stupidity

"MI5 knew in advance about 7 July bomb plan"

London bombers bugged by M15 for over a year

General Leonid Ivashov on terrorism

Doctors and "blogs"

What's not right about the Osama Bin Laden audio tape.

Syria accuses Israel of assassinating Arafat

Straussian plan for total war and destruction in the Middle East

Howard Zinn: "Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience..."

Osama tape

Osama tape boosts case for staying in Iraq and clamping down on democracy

US democracy

Equatorial Guinea, Bush, Riggs Bank, Russian Mafia money

Leaked memo reveals strategy to deny knowledge of detention centres

Carlyle Group, USIS, Col Westhusing....

Qinetiq and bin Laden and Bush and Blair

Why an Economic Boycott of Israel is Justified

Ignored heroes at Mai Lai and Abu Ghraib who stopped atrocities

German media reports on collusion of German intelligence agents in ... Iraq

The disgrace of the Mehlis Commission

Hamza: Patsy for the Clash of Civilizations Gang

Report of CIA detention centres in Romania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Ukraine & Macedonia

Where Are They Going to Take the Bird Flu Hoax? It's time to look at the real strategy here.

Mossad and 9 11

The whitewashing of Ariel Sharon

1988 Mossad plot to bomb Britain

Britain protected the terrorists found guilty of the Bologna Massacre

Ex-SAS man planted bomb that killed 80 men, women and children.

Impeach Blair over Iraq: UK general

Brainwashing, the CIA and an unsuspecting Scots researcher

Jack Abramoff, “Super Zionist”

Tanweer had a £121,000 fortune

The Ballad of Finis Shelnutt

The Quiet Death of Freedom:

Is The Guardian being used by the security services to spread lies about Iran?

Padilla not to be charged in connection with dirty bomb

US evidence against Aswat is 'nonsense'.

Disinformation? Operation Merlin

Poland's Defence Minister, Radek Sikorski, works for the CIA?

New Year Resolution: Shock and Awe to Replace Troops in Iraq

Abramoff and 9 11

Declassified WWII documents reveal Churchill's inhumanity

Churchill proposed 'three for one' bombing of German villages in ...

Dyncorp and Halliburton Sex Slave Scandal Won't Go Away

Israel considers protesting BBC show on `secret weapons'

The alleged Last Will Of alleged London Bomber Shaheed Mohammad Sidique Khan

Lest we forget - Oliver North, martial law and concentration camps.

Police Appear Handcuffed As Mob Feud Rages in Israel

Craig Murray - UK torture

Fight to save army's reputation What reputation?

Greece urged to investigate MI6 torture link

Torture complaint filed against British agent

Rendition :

HRW: Poland - CIA Main Detention Center in Europe

Comedy of terror

The Global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs and 9/11


Tamil MP shot during Christmas mass in Lanka

From one disaster to another: Sri Lanka at the end of 2005

Famine in China; bacteria over San Francisco

Did the USA use cyanide gas against the Kurds at Halabja?

The Pentagon Renovations Completed on 9/11/2001

Back to black

The murder of Munir on a Garuda flight; gossip refuses to die

African Carnage Feeds Globalization:

Guardian Unlimited Guardian daily comment AL Kennedy: German ...

Distinguished University of Minnesota Philosophy Professor Joins 9/11 Fight, Saying the Truth Must Be Uncovered

British torture camp where innocent prisoners were murdered

Have the security services infiltrated the Scottish National Party in order to undermine it?

Are the leaders of the IRA and Sinn Fein working for the UK security services?

Sally Neighbour and the CIA's alleged lies about the Bali Bomb

Muriel Degauque and Charleroi updated 12 December 2005

Our Press Awards

60% of Iraqis oppose occupation troops according to survey

MI6 and CIA torture produced false confession?

UK 'covered up' Israeli nuke deal

Election Sabotage Proved in VenezuelaUS Democrats and Israel

Document puts lie to oil executives' testimonyDid Big Oil participate in planning invasion of Iraq?

Jewish Godfather Boris Berezovsky and the failed revolution in Ukraine

Torture in the United Kingdom

Stormont spy ring a concoction of the police?

Harold Pinter's Nobel lecture,6109,1661516,00.html

American wars and UK job opportunities?

CIA, Wilkes, Cunningham, Abramoff, cocaine, Iran-Contra, Clinton, Bush, Money Laundering....


CIA agents break ranks to disclose brutal ‘black sites’

Which German ministers work for the CIA?

Indonesia : The Justice Party - links to the Moslem Brotherhood and the CIA?

Muriel Degauque and Charleroi updated

10 things you never knew about Abramoff

Pentagon death squads in Iraq

Pentagon Black Ops: Abducting Peacemakers in Iraq

'I was paid to blame Syria'

Fascism then. Fascism now?

The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA in Egypt, Syria and Iran

MI6 and the bombing of Rainbow Warrior

VENEZUELA: Evidence of US involvement in bombing

Scientists' deaths

Syria next? 9/11 Revealed : The Unanswered Questions: Books ...

The naked truth
Casino Jack Abramoff's far flung African network. Click here for Diplomatic Cables.

Outing Brewster Jennings

The Intelligence Game - James Rusbridger

Turkish parliament orders inquiry into bombing

Peretz, Rajapakse, Bachelet, Obrador, Morales.

Promoting child abuse and violence

Bush wanted to bomb Arab ally Qatar

Nazi Bush? Nazi America?

Atta files destroyed by Pentagon Awoken research group

James Rusbridger

UK troops were trained to use white phosphorus to kill Iraqis.

That shitty little state murders innocent children?

Government plots involving double agents? Terror in Jordan and Australia.

Which Iranian leaders work for the CIA?

Police claims raise new questions about "terrorist" raids in Australia

Jordan Bombs

Turkish terror

Jordan bombs: clearing the way for Dahlan.


Aussie Fake Terror Linked to Brit Intelligence

Security services reportedly involved in carrying out bombings in Turkey

Turkey, terror bombs, the CIA and Mossad

The Jewish Century

Updated - Jordanian security forces evacuated Israelis from hotel before the bombing - according to Haaretz.

Schoolgirls beheaded by ninjas - Updated

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline

British army executes young boys

Death squads in Iraq

French riots - Israeli involvement?

DVDs handed out at mosques

Special Reconnaissance Regiment; Leah Mates; Deepcut

Chemical WMD in Iraq

Pat Buchanan and friends

Abramoff and Mohammed Atta

Neo-con/fascist provocateurs behind French riots?

Edelman, Turkey...

Bali bomb 'mastermind' al-Farouq allowed to escape?

Double Agents - Militants Beware

The Grand-daddy of all Fake Terror Fall Guys: Guy Fawkes

Lord Fraser: my Lockerbie trial doubts

Schoolgirls beheaded by ninjas.

Christian gangsters, the American-trained military and terror

India, Pakistan and Mossad

UN's Mehlis report discredited

Assassinations in Lebanon, and the Mosul-Haifa Oil Pipeline,%20and%20the%20Mosul-Haifa%20Oil%20Pipeline%20By%20Mike%20Whitney.htm

Kicking Around the Old Dog Ahmed Jibril

Russia's Islamic rebirth adds tension

German TV exposes CIA, Mossad links to 1986 Berlin disco bombing

Uganda - profits from war

Hariri: prime witness in the UN report is a convicted criminal

Mervyn Jenkins

CIA control of Australia? Collins, Toohey, Jenkins, control of oil

Israel could nuke USA and Europe? Interview with Vanunu

David Cameron and MI5 and MI6

Cocaine and heroin from Columbia; drugs and top people

Shayler: 'Blair was an MI5 agent'.

Bristol Evening Post report on David Shayler's claims that 9 11 was the work of elements of the US government and that Blair worked for MI5

Bird flu and profits at Roche
Bird Flu

Former CIA Analyst: Government May Be Manufacturing Fake Terrorism

Iran arrests 'British agents' in connection with bombings.

Military 'had role in' Bali blasts

Bombs, initially created by the UK security services, killed eight British soldiers in Iraq:

Britain sued for ‘complicity’ in torture:

Western journalists murdered by Indonesian military; key Balibo witness dies; UK and Australian cover-up

'Americans disguised as Arabs try to set off bomb'.

Venezuela, Opus Dei, Bin Laden....

Torture and UK intelligence agents

Judges liken terror laws to Nazi Germany

Israelis dressed as Arabs

USA causing earthquakes?

CIA assets executed in order to silence them?

Indonesia and Britain seem to be very similar when it comes to courts and judges.

Bombs; the police; protection

Secret plan for Lockerbie bomber; Megrahi to leave Britain.

War criminals, Rasmussen, Blair, Bush?

Moslems working for the security services; Zionists.

Britain carries out terrorist bombings in Iran?

The Pentagon to be both cause and cure of disease outbreaks

Details of tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are released.

9 11 and Dov Zakheim

9 11 and Abramoff


Abu Qatada and Bisher al-Rawi worked for MI5

Blair and bin Laden and QinetiQ
Child suicide bomber

Puerto Rica

Operation Balboa,,2-10-1462_1805992,00.html

Italy has terror drills; repeat of Operation Gladio?
Professor Paul Wilkinson, Frank Kitson and pseudo gangs.
Iraq - divide and rule

Sunday, August 13, 2006


9/11 Revealed: Challenging the Facts behind the War on Terror by Ian Henshall and Rowland Morgan,,2102-1757744,00.html

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

Bribery, Loan Sharking And Murder True American Foreign Policy, Says Economic Hit Man

Bush, Bin Laden, Drugs....
Robber barons? The Bushes, the Vatican, bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and China's Communist overlords
Tony Blair, bin Laden, Carlyle Group, Halliburton.
Al Taqwa and Bush

America's struggle for world supremacy
UK killed up to 13 million people? Media stayed silent?
New World Order
Moslem fascists - Husseini - Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco.
George Galloway - Government engineered terrorism
Mengele, Oswald, the CIA
Anglo-American fascism

US military involved in one of the largest thefts in history?
Iraqi: "I believe it is the Americans who are doing this, pretending it is the Sunni, so there will be a civil war and they can control our wealth."
The plan always was: Iraq to be divided up, just like Yugoslavia. Saudi Arabia may be next.
Abou Moussab Al-Zarkaoui est mort.
Pentagon behind the bombs in Iraq?
Zarqawi and psy-ops
'The so-called "insurgent" bombings are really being carried out by UK and US operatives'; the role of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment.
British 'undercover' soldiers 'carrying explosives kill Iraqi policeman'. Is Britain secretly at war with the government of Iraq?
MI6 caught with explosives in BASRA?

Thailand, Malaysia, Malacca Straits
Hundreds of US troops killed in Thailand?
US death squads in Thailand? Two US marines taken hostage and killed.

Bangladesh and the CIA

The Philippines - a US colony - CIA links

USA to invade Bolivia to seize its gas?

Anglo-American fascism: military, government and business links revealed; Pinochet and BAE

David Lange says US threatened to kill him.

Sri Lanka, Mossad, the CIA, drugs and arms dealers.

Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked
Lockerbie Bomb and Ecuador and New Zealand
Lockerbie bomb verdict thrown into doubt
London Bombs

Domville, Knight, Mosley, Blunt ...
Mengele, Oswald, the CIA
Anglo-American fascism

Operation Gladio
Saya, Sindoca, P2, Gladio, Imam Abu Omar, Nicola Calipari, alleged US connections to Iraq terror groups
Masons, Israel, Gordon Brown....

The media works for the CIA
Media controlled by the security services?
The BBC: premier propagandist for the imperium
Dominic Lawson

Kennedy assassination

Fake terror in Algeria; the US military in Algeria; oil in Algeria.
Was the Ricin plot organised by the security services?
Government lab withheld evidence that no ricin had been found in 'Ricin Plot'. Men found not guilty to be deported to Algeria.

Madrid Bombs
The police and the Madrid Bombs
Police linked to Madrid bombs?

Christian gangsters, the American-trained military and terror
Bombs Philippines Indonesia
Gold, Kissinger, the CIA and a warning of a massacre.
Nutmeg, Heroin, Oil
Tommy Suharto
BAE and Suharto

Turkey, terror bombs, the CIA and Mossad
Top al Qaeda operative, Sakra, 'worked for the CIA'.

Kenyan bombs the work of the security services?

27 killed by British bombs in Dublin?
William McRae & Hilda Murrell

Beslan and the CIA

9 11
9 11
9 11 Revealed - The Daily Mail
Michael Meacher - The War on Terrorism is bogus,1320,1036772,00.html
The 9 11 Commission and David Ray Griffin
Operation Code Angel and Operation Brownstone
Prince Turki, who reportedly met bin Laden in hospital.
Britain and 9 11 : Sir David Manning was in Washington on 9 11
Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job
Paul Craig Roberts, Morgan Reynolds, William Rodriguez and 9 11
Jack Abramoff and Mohamed Atta
'Former Bush cabinet member says government complicit in 9 11'
Atta was working for the US military?
Tatort and 9 11
Acquittal of 9 11 suspect upheld
Real identity of 9 11 hijackers?
Atif Ahmed
Moussaoui - tool of the security services?
So, what about the shoe bomber?
'US House Speaker Hastert's Turkish allies tied to bin Laden'
FBI 9 11 cover-up
Top al Qaeda operative, Sakra, 'worked for the CIA'.
DATES used by the Pentagon?

A witness hears 'explosives being used to destroy the Industrial Canal in New Orleans'
Mystery surrounds floodwall breaches

Egypt - Operation Suzannah, John Darling, Sharm el-Sheikh

Israeli terrorism
Israeli troops say they were given shoot-to-kill order,3604,1563476,00.html

War profiteering, state terrorism, Iran-Contra, Iraqgate, BCCI, Jackson Stephens...

Uzbekistan - US worked with Al Qaeda allies to try to oust Karimov?



Militant Moslems and the CIA

Worst terror attack in history

Planes brought down by the CIA?
'Plane bomber' was CIA agent.

Global Cleanse 2000
Kay Griggs
Dr D. Ewen Cameron

TERRORISM - It's not who you think it is?